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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
6,892,890 Dynamic sortation of items in a containerization systemJan 16, 01May 17, 05[B07C, G06K]
6,826,521 System and methodology and adaptive, linear model predictive control based on rigorous, nonlinear process modelApr 06, 00Nov 30, 04[G06G]
6,816,822 System and method for dynamic modeling, parameter estimation and optimization for processes having operating targetsAug 16, 00Nov 09, 04[G05B, G06F, G06G]
6,810,430 Network communications couplerSep 29, 00Oct 26, 04[G06F]
6,757,586 Multiple arm robot arrangementSep 05, 01Jun 29, 04[G06F]
6,741,059 Controller for a wound rotor slip ring induction machineJul 22, 02May 25, 04[H02P]
6,711,222 Method and apparatus for performing frequency synthesis in communication systemsSep 18, 00Mar 23, 04[H04L, H03D]
6,639,675 Method and apparatus for aligning a mirror of a carbon in fly ash sensorSep 12, 00Oct 28, 03[G01B, G01N]
6,640,152 Modeling and control of sheet weight and moisture for paper machine transitionMar 24, 00Oct 28, 03[D21F, G05B, G06F, G04F]
6,597,958 Method for measuring the control performance provided by an industrial process control systemMar 22, 01Jul 22, 03[G05B]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
6,589,342 Powder paint color changerApr 02, 01Jul 08, 03[B05C]
2003/0041,903 Method of dispensing adhesive and sealantSep 05, 01Mar 06, 03[F16K]
6,467,178 Method and apparatus for beam tool center point calibrationSep 11, 00Oct 22, 02[G01B]
6,447,236 Docking stationMar 14, 00Sep 10, 02[G08G, B65G]
2002/0100,159 Flexible assembly cellJan 29, 01Aug 01, 02[B23P]
2002/0103,828 System and method for world wide web based mapping of multiple system name spacesJan 26, 01Aug 01, 02[G06F]
6,424,108 Method for operating an actuating driveDec 20, 00Jul 23, 02[H02P]
6,382,044 Actuator having a rotational power sourceApr 14, 00May 07, 02[F16H]
2002/0013,090 ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR FOR AND I/O MODULESep 05, 97Jan 31, 02[H01R]
6,275,931 Method and apparatus for upgrading firmware boot and main codes in a programmable memoryJun 22, 98Aug 14, 01[G06F]
6,172,876 Modular I/O assembly systemNov 12, 99Jan 09, 01[H05K]
6,167,617 Method of blind connecting an I/O module into a cabinetSep 30, 99Jan 02, 01[H01R]
6,144,253 Digital FSK demodulatorOct 27, 97Nov 07, 00[H04L]
6,133,652 Grounding and RFI isolation for control stationsAug 20, 99Oct 17, 00[H04B]
6,104,616 Modular I/O assembly systemNov 14, 97Aug 15, 00[H05K]
6,100,817 Fixed network RF communications complaint with CEBus protocolMar 17, 98Aug 08, 00[G08B]
6,068,521 Keying mechanism for a modular I/O assemblySep 24, 97May 30, 00[H01R]
5,970,503 Method for online revision controlJun 12, 96Oct 19, 99[G06F]
5,847,957 Web access for a manufacturing execution systemJun 16, 97Dec 08, 98[G06F]
5,831,859 Pharmaceutical recordkeeping system with labelling for manufacturing raw materialsMay 25, 95Nov 03, 98[G06F]

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