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Recent Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
6,976,961 Tissue motion analysis medical diagnostic ultrasound system and methodFeb 13, 03Dec 20, 05[A61B]
6,905,467 Ultrasonic harmonic imaging system and method using waveform pre-distortionJun 18, 01Jun 14, 05[A61B]
6,761,688 Multi-layered transducer array and method having identical layersFeb 28, 01Jul 13, 04[A61B]
6,743,175 Voice-enhanced diagnostic medical ultrasound system and review stationNov 26, 02Jun 01, 04[A61B]
6,673,016 Ultrasound selectable frequency response system and method for multi-layer transducersFeb 14, 02Jan 06, 04[A61B]
6,669,637 Parametric transmit waveform generator for medical ultrasound imaging systemJan 06, 03Dec 30, 03[A61B]
6,641,536 Medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging methods for extended field of viewFeb 21, 02Nov 04, 03[A61B]
6,629,926 Ultrasonic system and method for storing dataJul 15, 99Oct 07, 03[A61B]
6,626,831 Gated ultrasound imaging apparatus and methodJan 22, 01Sep 30, 03[A61B]
6,464,640 Methods and apparatus for ultrasound imaging with automatic color image positioningJan 06, 00Oct 15, 02[A61B]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
2004/0002,655 System and method for improved transducer thermal design using thermo-electric coolingJun 27, 02Jan 01, 04[A61B]
2003/0065,265 Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method for scanning plane orientationNov 21, 02Apr 03, 03[A61B]
2003/0060,714 Medical ultrasound transducer with interchangeable handleSep 24, 01Mar 27, 03[A61B]
6,532,801 Portable apparatus and method for tracing a gas leakNov 27, 01Mar 18, 03[F17D, G01N, G01M]
6,489,706 Medical diagnostic ultrasound transducer and method of manufactureNov 13, 98Dec 03, 02[H01L]
6,360,027 Multiple ultrasound image registration system, method and transducerSep 26, 00Mar 19, 02[A61B, H04B, G06K]
5,810,733 Encapsulated ultrasound transducer probe assemblyAug 22, 97Sep 22, 98[A61B]
5,771,896 Compact rotationally steerable ultrasound transducerAug 30, 96Jun 30, 98[A61B]
5,757,727 Two-dimensional acoustic array and method for the manufacture thereofFeb 19, 97May 26, 98[H04R]
5,735,282 Flexible ultrasonic transducers and related systemsSep 18, 96Apr 07, 98[A61B]
5,165,413 Steered linear color doppler imagingOct 26, 90Nov 24, 92[A61B]
5,148,810 Variable origin-variable angle acoustic scanning method and apparatusJul 13, 90Sep 22, 92[A61B]
5,076,279 Needle guide for assembly upon an ultrasound imaging transducerJul 17, 90Dec 31, 91[A61B]
5,014,710 Steered linear color doppler imagingSep 13, 88May 14, 91[A61B]
4,699,009 Dynamically focused linear phased array acoustic imaging systemNov 05, 85Oct 13, 87[G01N]
4,550,607 Phased array acoustic imaging systemMay 07, 84Nov 05, 85[G01N]
4,543,826 Ultrasonic acoustic imaging apparatusJun 03, 82Oct 01, 85[G01N]

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