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Recent Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
5,345,065 Inductor with variable active lengthAug 06, 93Sep 06, 94[H05B]

Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Status Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5,992,616 Apparatus for the guiding of workpiecesExpiredApr 27, 98Nov 30, 99[B65G]
5,330,593 Process and apparatus for the inductive hardening of elongate workpiecesExpiredNov 12, 92Jul 19, 94[C21D]
5,173,246 Device for the surface hardening of workpieces of different lengthsExpiredAug 20, 90Dec 22, 92[C21D]
4,875,150 Parallel oscillatory circuit frequency converter with safety circuitExpiredAug 03, 88Oct 17, 89[H02H, H02M]
4,814,052 Method for the electrochemical processing of workpiecesExpiredJan 05, 88Mar 21, 89[B23H]
4,746,413 Process for regenerating and detoxifying electrolytes used in the electrochemical treatment of metalExpiredDec 02, 86May 24, 88[C25F]
4,737,250 Process for regenerating electrolytesExpiredDec 02, 86Apr 12, 88[C25F]
4,722,024 Device for detecting excess-current in a direct-current generator with controlled rectifierExpiredMay 26, 87Jan 26, 88[H02H]
4,704,673 Phase-adjusting device for parallel-resonant circuit frequency convertersExpiredJan 09, 87Nov 03, 87[H02P]
4,612,101 Apparatus for the electrochemical etching of grooves of very small widthExpiredMay 23, 85Sep 16, 86[B23H]
4,612,611 Starting circuit for a parallel resonant circuit inverterExpiredAug 30, 84Sep 16, 86[H02M]
4,549,256 Inverter arcing control for a parallel-resonant circuit static frequency changerExpiredOct 12, 83Oct 22, 85[H02P, H02M]
4,387,014 Electrochemical metal processing apparatusExpiredNov 04, 81Jun 07, 83[B24B, B23Q, B23P, B23K]
4,346,423 Short circuit disconnecting circuitExpiredAug 18, 81Aug 24, 82[B23K]
4,331,524 Process and apparatus for electrolytic metal processingExpiredMay 13, 80May 25, 82[B23P, B23K]
4,256,165 Stirring of molten metal core in a casting as withdrawn from a machine for continuous castingExpiredJun 26, 79Mar 17, 81[B22D]
4,249,724 Apparatus for tempering the surfaces of mutually displaced cams of a cast-iron camshaftExpiredSep 27, 79Feb 10, 81[C21D]
4,244,419 Electromagnetic stirring apparatusExpiredMar 16, 79Jan 13, 81[B22D]
4,194,728 Apparatus for the inductive hardening by quenching of bearing surfaces of a crankshaftExpiredMar 15, 78Mar 25, 80[C21D]

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