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Patent # Title Status Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5012660 Control system and method for compensating for speed effect in a tandem cold millExpiredNov 29, 89May 07, 91[B21B]
4998427 Method for rolling on-gauge head and tail ends of a workpieceExpiredNov 29, 89Mar 12, 91[B21B]
4982145 Method and apparatus for the optimization of thyristor power supply transport time delayExpiredSep 08, 89Jan 01, 91[G05B]
4844947 Technique for the application and cure of photosensitive paintsExpiredMay 05, 88Jul 04, 89[B05D]
4712973 Two servo axis, AC powered robot wristExpiredMay 15, 86Dec 15, 87[B25J]
4710606 Two-axis optic wrist for laser applicationsExpiredMay 28, 86Dec 01, 87[B23K]
4698572 Kinematic parameter identification for robotic manipulatorsExpiredApr 04, 86Oct 06, 87[G05B, B25J]
4697230 AC power supplied static switching apparatus having energy recovery capabilityExpiredJun 23, 86Sep 29, 87[H02M]
4683772 Hand gear train with three degrees of freedomExpiredJul 25, 85Aug 04, 87[B25J]
4684312 Robotic wristExpiredMar 24, 86Aug 04, 87[B25J]
4685049 Unrestricted frequency changer switch topologyExpiredJul 22, 86Aug 04, 87[H02M]
4670974 Windshield insertion system for a vehicle on a moving conveyor apparatusExpiredNov 06, 85Jun 09, 87[B23Q, B23P]
4672288 Torque controller for an AC motor drive and AC motor drive embodying the sameExpiredJun 18, 85Jun 09, 87[H02P]
4667805 Robotic part presentation systemExpiredNov 06, 85May 26, 87[B65G]
4661680 End-of-arm tooling carousel apparatus for use with a robotExpiredJun 28, 85Apr 28, 87[B23K]
4659018 Orbiting nozzle dispersion apparatusExpiredMay 31, 85Apr 21, 87[B25J, B05B]
4659902 Robot laser systemExpiredApr 22, 85Apr 21, 87[B23K]
4652133 Vision system with environmental controlExpiredJul 17, 85Mar 24, 87[G01B]
4650959 Welding wire feeding apparatus with orbital mounting assemblyExpiredMar 17, 86Mar 17, 87[B23K]
4648022 Matrix converter control systemExpiredFeb 14, 86Mar 03, 87[H02M]

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