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Recent Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
6,635,349 Friction material for brakeOct 31, 01Oct 21, 03[B32B]
6,560,553 Method of estimating an eccentric position of an acceleration sensor and acceleration generating apparatus with an eccentricity adjusterNov 17, 00May 06, 03[G01P]
6,265,356 Granules of raw material for friction material and method of manufacturing the sameNov 03, 98Jul 24, 01[C10M]
5,917,002 Poly(3-hydroxybutanoic acid) filmDec 18, 97Jun 29, 99[C08G, B29C]
5,428,540 Anti-lock control method and apparatus for automotive vehicleJul 30, 93Jun 27, 95[B60T]
5,185,702 Vehicle anti-lock control apparatus and methodJan 21, 92Feb 09, 93[B60T]
5,123,715 Estimating road friction coefficientFeb 13, 91Jun 23, 92[B60T]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
2006/0055,081 High-strength film of polyhydroxyalkanoic acid and process for producing the sameApr 25, 03Mar 16, 06[B29C]
2003/0045,606 Friction material using aramide resin dustMar 29, 02Mar 06, 03[C08J]
2003/0022,961 Friction material and method of mix-fibrillating fibersMar 21, 02Jan 30, 03[C08J]
2002/0139,669 Solid electrolyte type gas sensorApr 02, 02Oct 03, 02[G01N]
6,408,675 Eccentric error corrector and method of eccentric error correction for acceleration sensor in acceleration generating apparatusJan 19, 00Jun 25, 02[G01P]
6,260,674 Friction materialMar 15, 99Jul 17, 01[F16D]
6,190,519 Gas sensor elementMar 26, 99Feb 20, 01[G01N]
6,113,762 Microbial electrode and microbial sensorAug 22, 97Sep 05, 00[G01N]
6,076,389 Method for judging the failure or end of life of a sensor elementSep 30, 98Jun 20, 00[F02B]
5,992,258 Rotation/linear motion converting mechanismDec 01, 97Nov 30, 99[F16H]
5,934,326 Pressure regulating valveFeb 10, 98Aug 10, 99[F16K]
5,844,335 Electric motorMar 31, 97Dec 01, 98[H02K]
5,826,683 Magnetostrictive brakeJan 28, 97Oct 27, 98[B60L, F16D]
5,788,340 Fluid pressure control apparatus and braking device using thereofOct 16, 96Aug 04, 98[B60T]
5,766,433 Solid electrolyte type gas sensorFeb 19, 97Jun 16, 98[G01N]
5,741,457 Method for introducing mold materials into a moldFeb 16, 96Apr 21, 98[B29C]
5,580,762 Method of producing an oligosaccharide of a higher polymerization degreeJun 20, 94Dec 03, 96[C12P]
5,556,775 Method of producing .beta.-cyclodextrinJun 22, 94Sep 17, 96[C12P]
5,433,907 Method for producing friction materialsOct 20, 93Jul 18, 95[B27N]
5,417,313 Disc rotor for preventing squealMay 10, 94May 23, 95[F16D]

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