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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
6,383,890 Wafer bonding method, apparatus and vacuum chuckDec 15, 98May 07, 02[B25B, H01L, B30B]
6,332,257 Method of converting an existing vehicle powertrain to a hybrid powertrain systemAug 26, 99Dec 25, 01[B23P, B21K]
6,328,534 Water pump shaft seal assembly for in-line water and power steering pumpsJun 14, 00Dec 11, 01[F04B]
6,314,810 Instruments cluster gauge mounting meansMar 09, 00Nov 13, 01[E12B]
6,291,807 In-situ closed loop temperature control for induction temperingMar 14, 00Sep 18, 01[H05B]
6,289,275 Neural network based transient fuel control methodMay 10, 00Sep 11, 01[F02D]
6,282,608 Compact disc player with security system for selectively preventing ejection of a compact disc and related methodNov 16, 98Aug 28, 01[G06F]
6,257,174 Method of determining the composition of fuel in a flexible fueled vehicle after fuel blendingFeb 17, 99Jul 10, 01[F02B]
6,248,200 Method of making a trim panel assembly including integral arm rest portionOct 20, 97Jun 19, 01[B60J, B32B, B29C]
6,189,376 Transfer case controller test fixtureSep 12, 97Feb 20, 01[G01M]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
6,399,592 Bishphosphonate/estrogen synergistic therapy for treating and preventing bone lossJun 23, 97Jun 04, 02[A61K]
6,302,002 Method and apparatus for servicing an internal combustion engineMar 17, 00Oct 16, 01[B25B]
6,199,849 Device for momentarily mounting a sliding door to a vehicle bodySep 29, 98Mar 13, 01[B25B]
6,167,645 License plate bracketJun 26, 98Jan 02, 01[G09F]
6,095,347 Adjustably mounted elongated conveyor and transverse picking trayDec 15, 97Aug 01, 00[A47F, A47B]
6,092,271 Method and tool for aligning a striker with a latchSep 05, 97Jul 25, 00[B25B]
6,056,268 Adjustable throttle stopSep 29, 98May 02, 00[G05G]
6,047,934 Tool holderJul 17, 98Apr 11, 00[A47B]
6,015,175 Magnetic holding deviceNov 05, 97Jan 18, 00[B66C]
6,005,301 Apparatus for preventing unauthorized use of a motor vehicleSep 01, 98Dec 21, 99[B60R]
5,991,994 Bearing removal tool for a wheel hubFeb 03, 98Nov 30, 99[B23P]
5,988,023 Slotted pin engaging toolJul 30, 96Nov 23, 99[B25B]
5,979,032 Tool for inserting a fitting into a hoseJun 11, 98Nov 09, 99[F16L]
5,972,283 Stabilized ladle for metal castingJan 22, 98Oct 26, 99[C21B]
5,960,684 Tool for hard to reach fastenersDec 12, 97Oct 05, 99[B25B]
5,957,563 Actuator for manually adjusting headlamp elevation angleJun 16, 97Sep 28, 99[B60Q]
5,950,695 Cooling system filling aid and method of filling the cooling system of an internal combustion engineFeb 16, 99Sep 14, 99[B67C]
5,946,187 Heat pipe arrangement for enhancing the cooling capacity of a laptop computerSep 23, 97Aug 31, 99[G06F, H05K]
5,937,495 Tool and plug for blocking engine oil gallery access holeNov 13, 97Aug 17, 99[B23P]

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