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Recent Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
5,233,686 Open systems software backplane architecture for federated execution of independent application programsSep 24, 91Aug 03, 93[G06F]

Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5,407,763 Mask alignment mark systemMay 28, 92Apr 18, 95[G03F]
5,305,442 Generalized hierarchical architecture for bus adaptersMar 27, 92Apr 19, 94[G06F]
5,261,071 Dual pipe cache memory with out-of-order issue capabilityMar 21, 91Nov 09, 93[G06F]
5,241,638 Dual cache memoryAug 12, 85Aug 31, 93[G06F]
5,208,838 Clock signal multiplierMar 30, 90May 04, 93[H04L]
5,161,986 Low inductance circuit apparatus with controlled impedance cross-unders and connector for connecting to backpanelsOct 15, 91Nov 10, 92[H01R]
5,153,882 Serial scan diagnostics apparatus and method for a memory deviceMar 29, 90Oct 06, 92[G01R]
5,067,106 Radiation detection and signal delay circuitry for protecting recorded dataSep 05, 89Nov 19, 91[G06F]
5,027,355 Logic circuit and design method for improved testabilityApr 14, 89Jun 25, 91[G01R, G06F]
4,999,771 Communications networkAug 31, 87Mar 12, 91[G06F]
4,970,643 Mechanism for lock-up free cache operation with a remote address translation unitMay 10, 88Nov 13, 90[G06F]
4,958,214 Protective carrier for semiconductor packagesApr 22, 88Sep 18, 90[H01L]
4,958,371 Method and apparatus for determining when a telephone handset is off-hookApr 19, 88Sep 18, 90[H04M]
4,941,119 Method and apparatus for predicting an overflow in an integer multiplyNov 30, 88Jul 10, 90[G06F]
4,931,722 Flexible imbedded test system for VLSI circuitsMar 23, 89Jun 05, 90[G01R, G06F]
4,922,184 Apparatus and process for the simultaneous continuity sensing of multiple circuitsAug 29, 88May 01, 90[G01R]
4,922,434 Linear interpolation for a component placement robotJun 16, 88May 01, 90[G06F]
4,912,709 Flexible VLSI on-chip maintenance and test system with unit I/O cell designOct 23, 87Mar 27, 90[G01R]
4,905,371 Method for cleaning process controlAug 26, 88Mar 06, 90[H05K]
4,897,764 Conductive cooling cup moduleOct 31, 88Jan 30, 90[H01L]

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