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Recent Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
5,633,531 Compression glass lead-in arrangementJun 07, 95May 27, 97[H01L]

Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Status Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5,945,629 Fuseless ballistic explosive projectileExpiredNov 20, 97Aug 31, 99[F42B]
5,900,580 Explosive projectileExpiredJun 27, 97May 04, 99[F42B]
5,743,764 Multiway connectorExpiredDec 22, 95Apr 28, 98[H01R]
5,675,883 Method of manufacturing a copper-nickel-silicon alloy casingExpiredApr 26, 95Oct 14, 97[B21B, H05K]
5,454,265 Installation for the measurement of the altitude of a surface wind, particularly for improving the hitting accuracy of unguided projectilesExpiredJan 19, 94Oct 03, 95[G01W]
5,298,836 Power supply circuit for gas discharge lamps operating at a resonant frequencyExpiredAug 12, 92Mar 29, 94[H05B]
5,255,882 Setting device with a nut controllable by a spindleExpiredJun 12, 91Oct 26, 93[F42B]
5,249,761 Setting device for a control surfaceExpiredSep 25, 92Oct 05, 93[F42B]
5,249,907 Dolly serving as a traveling aid for a defective wheel of a motor vehicleExpiredMay 21, 92Oct 05, 93[B60B]
5,251,191 Remotely-synchronizable time displayExpiredOct 15, 90Oct 05, 93[H04M, G04C, G05D]
5,248,235 Dolly serving as traveling aid for a defective wheel on a motor vehicleExpiredMay 19, 92Sep 28, 93[B60B]
5,243,579 Electronic apparatus for monitoring the remaining storage period of frozen foodsExpiredApr 27, 92Sep 07, 93[G04F]
5,214,618 Method and arrangement for combating a submerged target objectExpiredJul 01, 92May 25, 93[H04B]
5,211,357 Airborne body with stabilizing finsExpiredJun 11, 92May 18, 93[F42B]
5,188,682 Propellent medium for hybrid weaponExpiredAug 14, 89Feb 23, 93[C06B, F41F]
5,187,322 Process for controlling the detonation of a mine and mine with triggering device operating in accordance with the processExpiredMar 14, 83Feb 16, 93[F42C]
5,181,697 Impact member with multiple concentric gas cushions inflated in sequenceExpiredApr 08, 91Jan 26, 93[B60R, B66B, F16F]
5,177,668 Arrangement of an integrated circuit on a circuit boardExpiredMay 18, 92Jan 05, 93[H05K]
5,175,471 Circuit arrangement for the operation of a fluorescent lampExpiredJul 23, 91Dec 29, 92[H05B]
5,175,653 Utilization of a material possessing a micro-duplex grain structureExpiredFeb 17, 88Dec 29, 92[G02B, C22C]

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