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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
6,066,816 Switch housing for an electric switchFeb 09, 99May 23, 00[H01H]
5,803,238 Door opener switchMay 22, 96Sep 08, 98[H01H]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
D362841 Electric switchJun 27, 94Oct 03, 95[]
5,214,573 SpacerFeb 25, 92May 25, 93[H05K]
5,201,408 Housing for electric switchesAug 21, 91Apr 13, 93[H01H]
5,191,969 Switch orienting deviceJan 24, 89Mar 09, 93[H01H]
5,099,094 Housing for electric switchesMay 30, 90Mar 24, 92[H01H]
5,095,184 Mechanical momentary of alternate action switchJul 30, 90Mar 10, 92[H01H]
5,089,678 Mechanical momentary or alternate action switchJul 30, 90Feb 18, 92[H01H]
5,079,394 Snap action switch and contact thereforMay 30, 90Jan 07, 92[H01H]
4,945,194 Electric multiple switch assembly with pushbutton actuator and force transmitting insertJan 24, 89Jul 31, 90[H01H]
4,931,607 Pushbutton switchJan 24, 89Jun 05, 90[H01H]
4,897,765 Signal generating and transmitting apparatus with mobile shroud for electric terminalsJan 11, 89Jan 30, 90[H05M]
4,766,306 Apparatus with illuminated actuator for photoelectrically controlling a loadOct 01, 86Aug 23, 88[H03K]
4,619,497 Device for establishing connections between electrical conductorsFeb 14, 85Oct 28, 86[H01R]
4,591,712 Photoelectric fiber optic sensing apparatus with illuminated actuatorMar 09, 83May 27, 86[H01J]
4,398,075 Mechanical switchJul 01, 81Aug 09, 83[H01H]

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