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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
RE31691 Panel type x-ray image intensifier tube and radiographic camera systemAug 29, 80Oct 02, 84[H01J]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5,115,804 Protective hood and oral-nasal maskAug 01, 88May 26, 92[A62B]
5,034,724 Alarm device for wallets and the likeJan 26, 89Jul 23, 91[G08B]
5,013,717 Blood compatible, lubricious article and composition and method thereforApr 18, 88May 07, 91[A61K]
4,866,747 Device for measuring the thickness of thin coatingsJan 11, 88Sep 12, 89[G01B]
4,426,721 X-ray intensifier detector system for x-ray electronic radiographyOct 07, 80Jan 17, 84[G03B]
4,421,118 Ultrasonic transducerAug 12, 81Dec 20, 83[A61B]
4,408,339 Compact X-ray unitFeb 12, 81Oct 04, 83[G03B]
4,362,381 Multiformat film cassette transportMar 27, 80Dec 07, 82[G03B]
4,315,183 Support structure for high voltage substrateJun 14, 79Feb 09, 82[H01J]
4,275,597 Ultrasonic beam scanning technique and apparatusJul 11, 77Jun 30, 81[G01N]
4,271,842 Apparatus and method for providing multiple ultrasonic sector image displaysMar 03, 78Jun 09, 81[A61B]
4,242,911 Ultrasonic medical diagnostic apparatus and methodFeb 01, 79Jan 06, 81[G01N]
4,241,611 Ultrasonic diagnostic transducer assembly and systemMar 02, 79Dec 30, 80[G01N]
4,234,644 Composite lamination film for electrophoretically toned imagesJan 18, 79Nov 18, 80[C09J, B32B]
4,209,717 Sample and hold circuitNov 07, 77Jun 24, 80[G11C]
4,207,772 Electronic drive system and technique for ultrasonic transducerJul 11, 77Jun 17, 80[A61B]
4,208,602 Piezoelectric ultrasonic scanning head using a beryllium mirrorJan 18, 79Jun 17, 80[H01L]
4,204,433 Computerized ultrasonic scanner with technique-selectNov 07, 77May 27, 80[G01N]
4,186,302 Panel type X-ray image intensifier tube and radiographic camera systemJul 12, 78Jan 29, 80[H01J]
4,185,194 Closed cycle gas handling systemFeb 08, 78Jan 22, 80[G09G]

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