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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
2005/0213,466 Data recording cartridge of the anti-compromise kind and associated anti-compromise processingFeb 16, 05Sep 29, 05[G11B]
6,796,813 Data storage or recording device and process for hermetically connecting a data recording and storage cartridge and receptacleJun 07, 00Sep 28, 04[H01R]
6,091,588 Magnetic tape recorder having a capacitive coupling device in the form of fixed and mobile rings or ring segmentsJan 19, 98Jul 18, 00[G11B]
5,392,507 Method of positioning magnetic heads on a turntableAug 20, 93Feb 28, 95[G11B]
5,359,482 Magnetic head having a system of windings for compensating magnetic leakageFeb 28, 94Oct 25, 94[G11B]
5,287,236 Method and apparatus for recording and/or reading information on a magnetic tapeJun 11, 92Feb 15, 94[G11B]
5,183,219 Coupling for axially locking a reel of a tape cassette and for driving it without backlashMay 22, 91Feb 02, 93[B65H]
5,107,505 Circuit of encoding and formatting data for rotating head recordersJul 06, 89Apr 21, 92[G06F]
5,038,234 Tape drive device for a magnetic recorderMay 18, 89Aug 06, 91[C11B]
4,939,612 Tape guide device for a magnetic recorder/readerFeb 21, 89Jul 03, 90[G11B]
4,910,615 Capacitance sensor for detecting the position of magnetic rotating headsDec 21, 87Mar 20, 90[G11B]
4,881,072 Device for remote meteringMar 09, 87Nov 14, 89[H04Q]
4,870,522 Rotary electric coupling device for a rotating head recorderJun 02, 88Sep 26, 89[G11B]
4,868,774 Digital waveform generator and associated methodDec 28, 88Sep 19, 89[H03M]
4,852,026 Method and apparatus for the evaluation of an angle over an extended rangeJun 25, 86Jul 25, 89[G01B]
4,833,414 Method and apparatus for the identification of a faulty conductor in a multiple supply lineDec 03, 86May 23, 89[G01R]
4,797,846 Digital resonant filterMay 17, 85Jan 10, 89[G06F]
4,796,225 Programmable dynamic shift register with variable shift controlMay 17, 85Jan 03, 89[G06F]
4,780,908 Method and apparatus for signal transmission regulation in differential protectionJun 16, 86Oct 25, 88[H04B]
4,763,103 Process and method for wide band transmission, particularly for data transmission over an electricity distribution networkFeb 13, 86Aug 09, 88[H04M]

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