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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Status Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5,841,055 Method for controlled refining of explosive compositionsExpiredJun 11, 97Nov 24, 98[F42B]
5,099,763 Method of blastingExpiredJun 13, 91Mar 31, 92[F42G]
5,041,177 Ammonium nitrate/fuel oil blasting explosive having decreased oil segregationExpiredMay 07, 90Aug 20, 91[C06B]
5,014,622 Blasting system and components thereforExpiredFeb 22, 90May 14, 91[F42B]
4,962,668 Material stress monitorExpiredMay 03, 89Oct 16, 90[G01B]
4,889,570 Blasting explosive with improved water resistanceExpiredMar 23, 89Dec 26, 89[C06G]
4,858,495 Multi-speed powershift transmissionExpiredJun 08, 88Aug 22, 89[F16H]
4,815,382 Connector and detonator/connector assembly for initiating explosive primers with low-energy detonating cordExpiredNov 25, 87Mar 28, 89[F42B, C06C]
4,799,428 Explosive primer unit for instantaneous initiation by low-energy detonating cordExpiredApr 06, 87Jan 24, 89[F42D, F42B, C06C]
4,796,533 Primer assemblyExpiredMay 06, 87Jan 10, 89[F42B, C06C]
4,776,276 Cast explosive primer initiatable by low-energy detonating cordExpiredMay 06, 87Oct 11, 88[F42B, C06C]
4,718,345 Primer assemblyExpiredMar 25, 85Jan 12, 88[F42B, C06C]
4,714,503 Emulsion-containing explosive compositionsExpiredOct 02, 86Dec 22, 87[C06B]
4,646,641 Explosive device and method of use thereforExpiredNov 04, 85Mar 03, 87[F42B]
4,637,312 Explosive primer and carrier thereforExpiredMay 01, 85Jan 20, 87[F42B, C06C]
4,619,721 Emulsion-containing explosive compositionsExpiredOct 15, 85Oct 28, 86[C06B]
4,585,495 Stable nitrate/slurry explosivesExpiredMar 11, 85Apr 29, 86[C06B]
4,585,496 Method of producing high-density slurry/prill explosives in boreholes and product made therebyExpiredMar 11, 85Apr 29, 86[C06B]
4,555,278 Stable nitrate/emulsion explosives and emulsion for use thereinExpiredJan 29, 85Nov 26, 85[C06B]
4,509,998 Emulsion blasting agent with amine-based emulsifierExpiredDec 27, 83Apr 09, 85[C06B]

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