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Recent Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
RE30976 Honing machineApr 28, 80Jun 22, 82[B24B]

Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Status Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5074035 Method of making thin film laminate printed circuitExpiredJul 19, 89Dec 24, 91[B32B, H05K]
D308328 Line dispensing cannister for installing a pull-line into a conduitExpiredSep 15, 86Jun 05, 90[]
4874565 Plastisol slush processExpiredApr 22, 88Oct 17, 89[B29C, B29B]
4814573 Electrical discharge machining apparatus with exchangeable electrode refeed cartridgeExpiredApr 07, 86Mar 21, 89[B23H]
4806094 Injection molding apparatus for forming film covered inserts for instrument panelsExpiredNov 18, 87Feb 21, 89[B29C]
4798330 Reduced coking of fuel nozzlesExpiredFeb 14, 86Jan 17, 89[F23D]
4784911 Three-dimensional multi-color plastic parts and method of making sameExpiredJul 15, 86Nov 15, 88[B32B]
4755333 Mold method and apparatus for plastic shellsExpiredFeb 13, 87Jul 05, 88[B29C]
4753586 Apparatus for forming composite productsExpiredMar 12, 87Jun 28, 88[B28B]
4735695 Electrolyte chamber with cathode sealing means for ECM machiningExpiredMar 04, 87Apr 05, 88[B23H]
4734230 Method and appartus for forming composite productsExpiredJul 24, 86Mar 29, 88[C08G, B29C]
4726396 Fluid valve assemblyExpiredOct 22, 86Feb 23, 88[F16K]
4726564 Pull-line cannisterExpiredSep 15, 86Feb 23, 88[E21C]
4726754 Molding press for reaction injection moldingExpiredSep 23, 85Feb 23, 88[B30B]
4722678 Rotational mold with valved charge boxExpiredMar 16, 87Feb 02, 88[B29C]
4721839 Combined bore seat face grinding, EDM and lapping method for finishing fuel injector nozzle bodiesExpiredMay 22, 86Jan 26, 88[B23H]
4715147 In-process gaging equipment for flexible grinding cellsExpiredOct 01, 86Dec 29, 87[B24B]
4716003 Apparatus and method for reducing neck waste in a cast vinyl shellExpiredMay 22, 86Dec 29, 87[B29C]
4714575 Method for manufacturing RIM compositesExpiredMay 27, 86Dec 22, 87[B29C]
4712471 Actuator locking mechanismExpiredAug 29, 86Dec 15, 87[F15B]

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