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Recent Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
7255119 Slim safety runner and multiple-fold umbrella thereofJun 29, 05Aug 14, 07[A45B]
6668845 Multiple-fold automatic umbrella as ergonomically constructed and manipulatedOct 26, 01Dec 30, 03[A45B]
6626197 Multiple-fold automatic umbrella with smoothly wound multiple-ropeApr 18, 01Sep 30, 03[A45B]
6626199 Flattened and shortened umbrellaDec 05, 01Sep 30, 03[A45B]
6571813 Upwardly and downwardly actuated safety runner for foldable umbrellaJul 25, 01Jun 03, 03[A45B]
6418949 Multiple-fold umbrella shaft having telescopic tubes outwardly decreased in concave quadrantsJun 28, 00Jul 16, 02[A45B]
6371141 Safety umbrella runner ergonomically operated by sliding push buttonMay 10, 00Apr 16, 02[A45B]
6360759 Multiple-fold automatic umbrella with penta-fold ropeJun 02, 00Mar 26, 02[A45B]
6302125 Simplified flat top umbrella with one-piece umbrella clothApr 19, 00Oct 16, 01[A45B]
6296001 Rib assembly for multiple-fold umbrella having plastic intermediate rib interconnected among light ribsFeb 22, 00Oct 02, 01[A45B]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Status Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
7591274 Economically constructed and environmentally protective umbrella formed with one-piece frameExpiredSep 25, 06Sep 22, 09[A45B]
2008/0121,255 Umbrella having canopy as neatly opened or foldedAbandonedSep 01, 06May 29, 08[A45B]
2008/0000,510 Slimmed rib assembly for multiple-fold umbrellaAbandonedJun 30, 06Jan 03, 08[A45B]
2007/0261,728 Umbrella for reliably adjusting dome orientationAbandonedMay 10, 06Nov 15, 07[A45B]
7287538 Illuminating umbrella gripExpiredDec 10, 04Oct 30, 07[A45B]
2007/0095,373 Pocketable folding umbrella as maximally flattenedAbandonedNov 02, 05May 03, 07[A45B]
2006/0285,313 Miniaturized illuminating umbrella gripAbandonedJun 15, 05Dec 21, 06[A45B]
7089950 Umbrella operatively closed by directly pulling runner downwardly along a guiding sleeveExpiredSep 22, 04Aug 15, 06[A45B]
2006/0151,020 Super-shortened multiple-fold umbrellaAbandonedJan 07, 05Jul 13, 06[A45B]
2005/0217,711 Super-shortened multiple-fold umbrella shaftAbandonedMar 31, 04Oct 06, 05[A45B]
2005/0103,369 Multiple-fold umbrella as quickly opened and closedAbandonedNov 14, 03May 19, 05[A45B]
6817371 Multiple-fold automatic umbrella with smoothly wound multiple-fold ropeExpiredAug 04, 03Nov 16, 04[A45B]
6810890 Obstruction-free golf bag umbrellaExpiredSep 18, 02Nov 02, 04[A63B, A45B]
6810895 Umbrella having safety runner and strength-enhanced shaft tubeExpiredJul 22, 02Nov 02, 04[A45B]
6752509 Illuminating umbrella grip detachably mounted with cassette LED illuminating unitExpiredDec 03, 02Jun 22, 04[A63B]
6736151 Anti-windforce rib assembly of multiple-fold umbrellaExpiredMay 01, 02May 18, 04[A45B]
2003/0164,184 Rib assembly having function of closing spring for helping closing of multiple-fold umbrellaAbandonedMar 04, 02Sep 04, 03[A45B]
6612320 Economic double-story umbrella as conveniently anchoredExpiredJun 12, 01Sep 02, 03[A45B]
2003/0041,889 Catch-free automatic closing umbrella as effected by lotus-shape top ribsAbandonedSep 05, 01Mar 06, 03[A45B]
6497242 Multiple-fold umbrella rib assembly having inner ribs of aluminum alloy and outer ribs of carbon-fiber-reinforced plasticsExpiredNov 13, 00Dec 24, 02[A45B]

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