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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
2007/0087,840 Self-Verifying Gaming Voucher Having Secondary Machine Readable IndiciaOct 09, 06Apr 19, 07[A63F]
2005/0239,545 Programmatic control of gaming devicesJul 13, 04Oct 27, 05[A63F]
2004/0147,313 Excluding certain people from gaming at a casinoOct 16, 03Jul 29, 04[G06F]
6,705,475 Coin cup holder for use with a gaming machineOct 02, 02Mar 16, 04[A47F]
6,702,093 Gaming device standNov 09, 01Mar 09, 04[G07F]
2004/0039,679 Generation and acceptance of tailored offersAug 14, 02Feb 26, 04[G06F]
2004/0002,388 Local casino management system populating and updating processJul 01, 02Jan 01, 04[G06F]
2003/0189,291 Blackjack gameApr 04, 02Oct 09, 03[A63F]
2003/0149,619 Multi-property enterprise promotionsFeb 01, 02Aug 07, 03[G06F]
2002/0198,039 Video slot machine that awards points for interaction of objects originally outside of the symbol matrix with objects inside of the symbol matrixJun 10, 02Dec 26, 02[A63F]
6,183,362 National customer recognition system and methodJun 01, 98Feb 06, 01[G06F, A63F]
6,116,597 Personal convenience unit for enhancing patron use of gaming machinesMay 05, 98Sep 12, 00[A63F]
6,003,013 Customer worth differentiation by selective activation of physical instrumentalities within the casinoMay 29, 98Dec 14, 99[G06F]
5,974,135 Teleservices computer system, method, and manager application for integrated presentation of concurrent interactions with multiple terminal emulation sessionsJun 11, 97Oct 26, 99[H04M]
5,769,264 Wine tasting palletMar 17, 97Jun 23, 98[B65D]
5,761,647 National customer recognition system and methodMay 24, 96Jun 02, 98[G06F]

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