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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
RE30184 Holders for tape cassettesNov 02, 78Jan 08, 80[G11B]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5,363,960 Container for magnetic tape cassetteFeb 11, 93Nov 15, 94[B65D]
D314861 Container for disksJun 07, 90Feb 26, 91[]
4,951,820 Storage container for compact cassettesJun 05, 89Aug 28, 90[B65D]
D309976 Container for cassettesNov 26, 86Aug 21, 90[]
4,884,685 Device for storing flat recording mediaFeb 07, 89Dec 05, 89[B65D]
4,875,584 Container for magnetic tape cassettesDec 21, 88Oct 24, 89[B65D]
4,856,653 Storage container for compact cassettesOct 16, 87Aug 15, 89[B65D]
4,842,348 Container for the storage of magnetic-tape cassettes of other recording mediaSep 12, 86Jun 27, 89[A47B]
4,828,341 Magnetic tape cassette boxNov 18, 87May 09, 89[A47B]
4,807,749 Container for flat recording mediaJan 11, 88Feb 28, 89[B65D]
4,804,085 Device for storing flat recording mediaSep 03, 87Feb 14, 89[B65D]
4,778,228 Container for the storage of magnetic tape cassettes or other recording mediaNov 21, 86Oct 18, 88[B65D]
RE32753 Storage device for flat recording mediaDec 03, 86Sep 20, 88[B65D]
4,770,474 Storage container for compact discsDec 18, 86Sep 13, 88[A47B]
4,766,773 Gear type transmission unitAug 29, 86Aug 30, 88[F16H]
4,763,962 Container for storing recording media that are substantially plate-likeJan 05, 87Aug 16, 88[A47F]
4,760,502 Storage container for recording mediaDec 12, 86Jul 26, 88[H04M]
4,747,484 Container for video and sound recording mediaJan 30, 87May 31, 88[B65D]
4,743,077 Magnetic tape cassette boxNov 20, 86May 10, 88[A47B]
4,738,361 Apparatus for storing recording mediaMar 16, 87Apr 19, 88[B65D]

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