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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
2003/0149,632 Method and system for processing payments for remotely purchased goodsNov 12, 01Aug 07, 03[G06F]
2003/0055,744 Method and apparatus for managing the sale of aging productsOct 22, 02Mar 20, 03[G06F]
2002/0173,355 System and method for facilitating casino team playJul 05, 02Nov 21, 02[G06F]
2002/0110,234 Method and apparatus for value-based queuing of telephone callsApr 04, 02Aug 15, 02[H04M]
2002/0032,667 System and method providing a restaurant menu dynamically generated based on revenue management informationNov 21, 01Mar 14, 02[G06F]
2001/0051,765 Patient care delivery systemJun 28, 01Dec 13, 01[A61B]

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