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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
7773838 Method and network architecture for upgrading legacy passive optical network to wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network based next-generation passive optical networkNov 14, 06Aug 10, 10[G02B]

Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Status Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
8170074 Tracking injection seeding power based on back facet monitoring (BFM) of an injection seeded laserExpiredApr 08, 11May 01, 12[H01S]
7352849 SMS switching private branch exchange system and methodExpiredJul 22, 03Apr 01, 08[H04M]
7349354 Serving soft handoffs between mobile switching centers that use different protocolsExpiredNov 20, 02Mar 25, 08[H04B]
7346029 Method of processing traffic in a mobile communication systemExpiredOct 16, 03Mar 18, 08[H04Q]
7280532 Call set-up method using SIP-T overlap signalingExpiredJul 03, 02Oct 09, 07[H04L]
7248663 Apparatus and method for transforming data transmission speedExpiredAug 06, 02Jul 24, 07[H04L]
2007/0147,528 Apparatus and method for transmitting multi-carrier signalsAbandonedDec 20, 06Jun 28, 07[H04K]
2007/0140,376 Apparatus and method for crest factor reduction in a communication systemAbandonedDec 20, 06Jun 21, 07[H04L]
2007/0115,888 Method for reverse data processing in a mobile communication systemAbandonedOct 10, 06May 24, 07[H04L, H04Q]
2007/0113,093 Mobile communication terminal for wireless Internet access and a wireless Internet access methodAbandonedNov 15, 06May 17, 07[H04L]
2007/0104,205 System and method for processing packet mobile-terminated calls using dynamic IPAbandonedNov 09, 06May 10, 07[H04L]
2007/0087,739 Wireless local loop base station controller and a method for performing call processing using the sameAbandonedOct 13, 06Apr 19, 07[H04Q]
7200209 System and method for unifying multiple connection ports in a networkExpiredOct 25, 00Apr 03, 07[H04M]
2007/0070,955 Reverse data rate controlling method in mobile communication systemAbandonedDec 03, 04Mar 29, 07[H04B]
7145974 Apparatus and method for transmitting data between transmission systems using dissimilar phase clocksExpiredNov 22, 02Dec 05, 06[H04L]
2006/0252,421 Method and apparatus for base station controller relocation in wireless communication systemAbandonedMay 08, 06Nov 09, 06[H04Q]
7126953 Apparatus for transfer of voice traffic in VoDSL gatewayExpiredDec 26, 01Oct 24, 06[H04L]
7124151 Database synchronization apparatus in element management system and method thereforExpiredDec 22, 99Oct 17, 06[G06F]
2006/0209,901 Clock synchronization in a multistage switch structureAbandonedDec 14, 05Sep 21, 06[H04J]
2006/0209,985 Linearization apparatus and method of base stationAbandonedDec 08, 05Sep 21, 06[H04L]

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