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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
4,476,868 Body stimulator output circuitSep 08, 80Oct 16, 84[A61N]
4,340,062 Body stimulator having selectable stimulation energy levelsAug 29, 80Jul 20, 82[A61N]
4,276,883 Battery monitor for digital cardiac pacemakerNov 05, 79Jul 07, 81[A61N]
4,275,737 Demand cardiac pacemaker having reduced polarity disparityNov 06, 78Jun 30, 81[A61N]
4,275,738 Digital cardiac pacemaker clocking meansNov 06, 78Jun 30, 81[A61N]
4,273,132 Digital cardiac pacemaker with threshold margin checkNov 06, 78Jun 16, 81[A61N]
4,273,133 Programmable digital cardiac pacemaker with means to override effects of reed switch closureNov 06, 78Jun 16, 81[A61N]
4,267,843 Means to inhibit a digital cardiac pacemakerNov 06, 78May 19, 81[A61N]
4,266,551 Sense amplifier for demand cardiac pacemakerNov 06, 78May 12, 81[A61N]
4,263,915 Digital cardiac pacemaker with hysteresisNov 06, 78Apr 28, 81[A61N]
4,257,423 Medical deviceNov 06, 78Mar 24, 81[A61N]
4,253,466 Temporary and permanent programmable digital cardiac pacemakerNov 05, 79Mar 03, 81[A61N]
4,250,883 Digital cardiac pacemaker with refractory, reversion and sense reset meansNov 06, 78Feb 17, 81[A61N]
4,241,736 Reset means for programmable digital cardiac pacemakerNov 06, 78Dec 30, 80[A61N]
4,233,985 Multi-mode programmable digital cardiac pacemakerNov 06, 78Nov 18, 80[A61N]
4,230,120 Energy compensation means for digital cardiac pacemakerNov 06, 78Oct 28, 80[A61N]
4,226,244 Electrical connector for implantable electrical generatorsJul 31, 78Oct 07, 80[A61N]
4,210,154 Sleeve with armbandDec 06, 77Jul 01, 80[A61B]
4,182,356 Sill cock assemblyApr 17, 78Jan 08, 80[F16K, F03B]

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