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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
7,018,583 Method for producing a component by means of powdery starting material and extractor suitable thereforeMar 30, 01Mar 28, 06[B29C]
6,893,255 Spray burner for the thermal decomposition of sulphur-containing residuesSep 07, 01May 17, 05[F23G]
6,857,379 Method and device for incinerating organic waste materialJun 16, 03Feb 22, 05[F23N, F23G]
6,832,566 Process to improve the performance of the exothermic incineration of waste materialNov 08, 02Dec 21, 04[F23G]
6,810,567 Partial or complete utilization of a pressurized-gas cylinder known per se for compressed, liquefied or dissolved gasesFeb 05, 02Nov 02, 04[B23P]
6,682,705 Method for conducting reactions in fluidized particle layersFeb 09, 00Jan 27, 04[B01J, B05B]
6,634,178 Method for adjusting the pressure in a cryogenic tank and corresponding deviceMay 31, 02Oct 21, 03[F17C]
6,564,827 Shut-off device for the filling device of a pressure tankSep 04, 01May 20, 03[F16K, F17C]
6,463,744 Method and device for producing coldNov 06, 00Oct 15, 02[F25B]
6,457,424 Cremation systemMar 16, 00Oct 01, 02[F23G, F23B]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
7,521,035 Method for regenerating a residual substance that contains sulfur and an atomizing burner suited for carrying out said methodSep 07, 01Apr 21, 09[C01B]
7,296,440 Device and method for melting glassNov 30, 01Nov 20, 07[C03B]
2005/0255,169 Adjuvant containing xenonDec 13, 04Nov 17, 05[A61K]
2005/0244,508 Anti-spasmodic comprising xenonDec 10, 04Nov 03, 05[A61K]
6,513,338 Refrigerant mixture for a mixture-throttling processNov 07, 00Feb 04, 03[F25B]
6,413,430 Method and device for demulsifying an oil-containing aqueous emulsionMay 30, 00Jul 02, 02[C02F, B01D]
6,352,190 Soldering deviceMay 01, 00Mar 05, 02[B23K]
6,303,892 Process for the TIG alternating-current welding of aluminumAug 13, 99Oct 16, 01[B23K]
6,280,624 Biological waste water purification process and deviceJun 21, 99Aug 28, 01[C02F]
6,237,836 Protective gas for tig weldingMay 01, 00May 29, 01[B23K]
6,236,041 Analytical configuration for monitoring xenon-containing anaesthetic gasJun 01, 98May 22, 01[B01D]
6,200,476 Method an device for introducing oxygen into water or aqueous solutionsJul 26, 99Mar 13, 01[C02F]
6,159,307 Method of annealing nonferrous metal parts without stickersJun 11, 99Dec 12, 00[C23C]
6,134,914 On-line recovery of xenon from anaesthetic gasNov 15, 99Oct 24, 00[F25J]
6,082,400 Coupling for connecting two vacuum-insulated lines via a coupling socket and a coupling plugDec 17, 98Jul 04, 00[F16L]
6,079,446 Coupling for connecting vacuum-insulated line endsDec 17, 98Jun 27, 00[F16L]
6,073,081 Method and device for monitoring the filling of a cryotankDec 18, 97Jun 06, 00[B65B]
5,968,421 Process to enrich a gas in a liquidMar 21, 97Oct 19, 99[B01F]
5,913,344 Process and device for automatic filling with productsFeb 12, 97Jun 22, 99[B65B]
5,911,355 Method and device for mechanically removing solder beads on the surface of the printed circuit boardsJul 25, 97Jun 15, 99[B23K]

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