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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5,228,342 Ultrasonic position sensor and methodJul 26, 91Jul 20, 93[G01N]
5,098,075 Apparatus for assembling and depositing signaturesDec 07, 89Mar 24, 92[B65H]
5,056,773 Sheet delivererJul 03, 90Oct 15, 91[B65H]
4,972,771 Film dampener unit for offset printing pressesMar 07, 90Nov 27, 90[B41F]
4,971,911 Process and apparatus for measuring the alcohol content of damping fluid and alcohol damping systems in offset printing pressesAug 17, 89Nov 20, 90[G01N]
4,964,337 Ink rollerMay 21, 85Oct 23, 90[B41F]
4,925,173 Apparatus for assembling and depositing signaturesJul 27, 88May 15, 90[B65H]
4,858,904 Device for combining partial piles of book pagesApr 11, 88Aug 22, 89[B65H]
4,784,060 Method and apparatus for varying ink flow in a printing machine inking mechanism by differential adjustment of an ink metering device at individual locations along its lengthFeb 25, 83Nov 15, 88[B41F]
4,781,370 Sheet gripping apparatusMar 20, 87Nov 01, 88[B65H]
4,643,414 Sheet-delivery control and regulating apparatusApr 15, 85Feb 17, 87[B65H]
4,448,126 Inker for printing pressesMar 16, 83May 15, 84[B41F]
4,402,264 Apparatus for adjusting the ink metering device of a printing machine inking mechanismJun 15, 81Sep 06, 83[B41F]
4,200,045 Loading arrangement for a cylinder stackDec 06, 77Apr 29, 80[B41F]

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