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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
5,261,652 Sheet feed device for use in sheet counterOct 30, 92Nov 16, 93[B65H]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
4,949,532 Coin packaging deviceNov 09, 88Aug 21, 90[B65B]
4,895,359 Paper sheet counter systemFeb 09, 89Jan 23, 90[B65H]
4,817,804 Counting and half-wrapping apparatus for banknotes with the function of discriminating the banknotes of different nominal valuesMay 23, 86Apr 04, 89[B07C, B65B]
4,583,726 Apparatus for counting the number of paper sheetsDec 19, 83Apr 22, 86[B65H]
4,578,770 Method of discriminating sheetJun 10, 83Mar 25, 86[G01C, G01N]
4,573,674 Device for delivery of paper sheets for an apparatus for counting the number of paper sheetsDec 28, 83Mar 04, 86[B65H]
4,566,244 Paper sheet grip and transfer apparatusApr 19, 84Jan 28, 86[B65B]
4,560,154 Paper sheet feed-out device for a paper sheet counting apparatusDec 19, 83Dec 24, 85[B65H]
4,557,597 Method of discriminating between the front and back sides of paper sheetsMay 20, 83Dec 10, 85[G06K]
4,556,212 Stacker for paper sheet counting apparatusMay 04, 84Dec 03, 85[B65H]
4,532,421 Apparatus for counting paper sheetsJun 15, 83Jul 30, 85[G06M]
4,514,856 Apparatus for selecting the precise number within a batch of paper sheetsApr 12, 83Apr 30, 85[G06M]

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