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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
6,459,509 Optical scanning device having a calibrated pixel output and a method for calibrating such a deviceJun 16, 00Oct 01, 02[H04N]
5,711,673 Method for interpreting a plurality of response marks on a scannable surfaceFeb 24, 95Jan 27, 98[G06K]
5,195,738 Single sheet picking and transport mechanismMar 25, 91Mar 23, 93[B65H]
5,184,003 Scannable form having a control mark column with encoded data marksJan 24, 92Feb 02, 93[G09B, G06K]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5,531,429 Variable printing and selective binding of bookletsMar 29, 95Jul 02, 96[B42C]
5,262,624 Opposite surface scanning of a mark sense formFeb 01, 93Nov 16, 93[G06K]
D338130 JugSep 03, 91Aug 10, 93[]
5,103,490 Method and apparatus for storing and merging multiple optically scanned imagesJun 13, 90Apr 07, 92[G06K]
5,001,330 Optically scanned document with fail-safe markingMar 02, 88Mar 19, 91[G06K]
4,937,439 Method and system for creating and scanning a customized survey formMay 13, 88Jun 26, 90[G06F, G09B, G06K]
4,857,715 Overprint registration system for printing a customized survey form and scannable form thereforApr 01, 88Aug 15, 89[B06K]
4,794,241 Scannable document velocity detectorJan 21, 88Dec 27, 88[G06F]
4,694,405 Laser printer controller data alignment deviceJul 09, 85Sep 15, 87[G01D]
4,547,666 Mark array sense reader with sequential output signalsJan 19, 83Oct 15, 85[H04N]
4,471,217 Optical scanning systemJun 01, 79Sep 11, 84[G06K]
4,448,443 Continuous form book processing kitDec 30, 81May 15, 84[B42D, B32B]
4,357,596 Multi-line scan mark verification circuitMay 30, 80Nov 02, 82[G06K]
4,356,390 Optical path monitoring circuit for a document scannerMar 11, 81Oct 26, 82[G06K]
4,334,181 Motor brakeOct 25, 79Jun 08, 82[H02P]
4,306,712 Document shunt mechanism for a document transport systemOct 25, 79Dec 22, 81[B65H]
4,300,791 Optically scannable answer sheet booklet with sequence bars printed thereon and method of producing sameMar 27, 80Nov 17, 81[B42F, B65H]
4,300,123 Optical reading systemJan 02, 79Nov 10, 81[G06K]
4,298,859 Digital video line delay circuitMay 21, 80Nov 03, 81[G06K]
4,268,746 Document feed jam detector for a document reading apparatusOct 25, 79May 19, 81[B65H]

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