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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
6,610,233 Saponified ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer pellets and method for their productionOct 22, 99Aug 26, 03[D01F]
6,576,704 Method for continuous treatment of saponified ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymerDec 12, 00Jun 10, 03[C08F]
6,573,327 Highly stable aqueous solution of partially saponified vinyl ester resinSep 29, 99Jun 03, 03[C08F, C08L]
6,565,938 Resin composition and layered productNov 09, 01May 20, 03[B32B]
6,559,254 Method of producing a vinyl acetate polymer and its saponification productFeb 13, 01May 06, 03[C08F]
6,451,967 Method of drying saponified ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymersSep 18, 00Sep 17, 02[C08F]
6,432,552 Saponified ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and laminateJan 18, 00Aug 13, 02[B32B, C08L]
6,353,048 Resin composition and laminateApr 05, 00Mar 05, 02[C08K]
6,238,606 Process for preparing pellets of saponified ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymerMay 06, 99May 29, 01[B29C]
6,232,382 Saponified ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin composition and laminate having a layer of said resin compositionOct 01, 98May 15, 01[C08K]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
6,329,461 Silicone-containing aqueous coating composition and method of producing sameAug 03, 99Dec 11, 01[C08K]
5,478,884 Oxyalkylene group-containing polyvinyl alcohol resin composition and process for the production of shaped articles from said compositionOct 21, 93Dec 26, 95[C08L]
5,430,090 Hot-melt adhesiveFeb 18, 94Jul 04, 95[C08K]
5,395,943 Method for purification of 2-alkyl-4-halo-5-formylimidazolesFeb 16, 94Mar 07, 95[C07D]
5,384,187 Biodegradable resin compositions and laminates based thereonJan 11, 93Jan 24, 95[B32B, C08L]
5,319,094 Process for producing 2-alkyl-4-halo-5-formylimidazolesDec 31, 92Jun 07, 94[C07D]
5,159,013 Halogen-containing thermoplastic resin compositionJul 18, 89Oct 27, 92[C08K, C08L]
5,106,890 Polyvinyl alcohol-starch filmDec 04, 89Apr 21, 92[C08J]
5,101,070 Process for preparing valproic acidJul 05, 88Mar 31, 92[C07C]
5,053,257 Process for forming film of hydrolyzed ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymerFeb 23, 90Oct 01, 91[B05D]
5,051,462 Halogen-containing thermoplastic resin compositionAug 11, 88Sep 24, 91[C08K]
5,034,253 Pipe for circulating warm waterSep 08, 89Jul 23, 91[F16L]
5,030,690 Halogen-containing thermoplastic resin compositionMay 09, 89Jul 09, 91[C08L]
5,023,296 Resin compositionDec 19, 89Jun 11, 91[C08G]
4,997,756 Process for preparing sorbic acidSep 12, 89Mar 05, 91[C12R, C12P]
4,987,186 Pressure sensitive adhesive compositionDec 21, 88Jan 22, 91[C08G]
4,981,939 Binder for a toner comprising a polyester from rosin or hydrogenated rosinAug 23, 89Jan 01, 91[C08G]
4,968,575 A toner composition comprising a rosin-containing polyesterJul 19, 88Nov 06, 90[G03G]
4,963,608 Halogen-containing thermoplastic resin compositionDec 23, 88Oct 16, 90[C08K, C08L]
4,954,557 Process for preparing molded articleJan 25, 89Sep 04, 90[C08K, C08L]

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