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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
7,205,445 Method of continuous production of polyalkylbiphenylsAug 26, 03Apr 17, 07[C07C]
7,060,779 Processes for producing hydrocarbon/phenol resin and producing epoxy resinApr 28, 00Jun 13, 06[C08G]
7,034,095 Bicyclic conjugated diene polymer and bicyclic conjugated diene copolymerFeb 14, 03Apr 25, 06[C08F]
6,984,350 Method of and apparatus for manufacturing a web having filaments aligned in a transverse directionFeb 26, 02Jan 10, 06[D01D, D04H]
6,877,971 Apparatus for producing a transversely aligned web in which filaments spun at high rate are aligned in the transverse directionOct 14, 02Apr 12, 05[D01D]
6,637,128 Heating apparatus for a transversely stretched nonwoven fabricDec 04, 02Oct 28, 03[F26B, B29C]
6,586,362 Hydrocarbon solvent and pressure-sensitive copying material made with the sameMay 04, 01Jul 01, 03[B41M]
6,524,521 Method of and apparatus for manufacturing longitudinally aligned nonwoven fabricAug 24, 00Feb 25, 03[D01D, D04H]
6,511,625 Transversely stretched nonwoven fabric with high tensile strength stretched seven times wider or more in transverse directionAug 23, 00Jan 28, 03[B29C]
6,512,152 Tetracyclododecene compositions and process for producing the sameFeb 28, 00Jan 28, 03[C07C]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
2007/0015,885 Thermosetting resin compositionNov 20, 03Jan 18, 07[C08L]
2006/0156,955 Thermosetting resin compositionNov 20, 03Jul 20, 06[C09D]
6,973,702 Web expanderJun 24, 03Dec 13, 05[D06C]
2005/0123,720 Laminate sheet having reinforcement film and method of manufacturing the sameDec 08, 04Jun 09, 05[B32B]
2005/0070,664 Thermosetting resin composition, process for producing the same, and suspension-form mixtureDec 26, 02Mar 31, 05[C08L]
2004/0242,834 Phenolic resin, epoxy resin, processes for production thereof and epoxy resin compositionMar 24, 04Dec 02, 04[C08G]
2004/0166,756 Composite sheet having elasticity, elastic web made from thermoplastic elastomer, and method and apparatus of manufacturing the sameFeb 23, 04Aug 26, 04[B32B, D04H]
6,673,186 Laminated structural body having unidirectionally arranged strands sandwiched between two web layers, and method of and apparatus for efficiently manufacturing such laminated structural bodyJun 01, 01Jan 06, 04[D04H]
2003/0176,598 Thermosetting resin compositionDec 27, 02Sep 18, 03[C08G]
2003/0045,196 Composite nonwoven fabric having high strength and superior printability and fabrication method of the sameAug 26, 02Mar 06, 03[D01D, B32B, D04H]
2003/0040,592 Hydrocarbon resin with ethylidene group and rubber composition including the sameJul 03, 02Feb 27, 03[C08F]
2003/0013,932 Method for producing diarylmethane and its derivativesJun 06, 02Jan 16, 03[C07C]
6,506,317 Cooling medium for optical equipment and cooling device using the sameMay 26, 00Jan 14, 03[H04N, C09K]
2003/0003,833 Stretching composite sheet and production method thereforJul 11, 02Jan 02, 03[B32B, D04H]
2002/0136,915 Vapor-permeable and water-resistant sheet and method of manufacturing the sameJan 22, 02Sep 26, 02[B32B]
6,380,450 Process for producing indeneApr 15, 00Apr 30, 02[C07C]
6,320,086 Method for producing trimethylhydroquinoneMay 17, 00Nov 20, 01[C07C]
6,300,444 Process for producing butene polymerApr 15, 00Oct 09, 01[C08F]
6,300,534 Process for producing dehydrogenated compounds of m-ethyldiphenylalkaneFeb 28, 00Oct 09, 01[C07C]
6,296,950 Method of producing thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester, thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester composition obtained by the same method, and molding made of the same compositionMar 15, 01Oct 02, 01[C08G, B32B]

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