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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
6,275,486 Adaptive resource allocation scheme for a fixed wireless access communications systemJan 28, 97Aug 14, 01[H04B]
6,198,734 Adaptive radio communications systemJan 29, 97Mar 06, 01[H04B]
5,969,840 Optical element power controlSep 18, 96Oct 19, 99[H01S]
5,949,560 Optical transmission systemFeb 05, 97Sep 07, 99[H04B]
5,832,032 Interference reduction in telecommunications systemsOct 28, 96Nov 03, 98[H04K]
5,826,181 Radio frequency noise reduction arrangementOct 10, 96Oct 20, 98[H04B]
5,777,773 Optical frequency control system and methodOct 31, 96Jul 07, 98[H04B]
5,715,265 Dispersion compensationSep 13, 96Feb 03, 98[H01S]
5,579,301 System for, and method of, managing voice congestion in a network environmentFeb 28, 94Nov 26, 96[H04J]
5,511,074 Voice/fax digitizing rate negotiation for switched connection in a network environmentMar 09, 94Apr 23, 96[H04L, H04J, H04B]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5,950,231 Memory manager systemNov 25, 96Sep 07, 99[G06F]
5,939,924 Integrating circuit having high time constant, low bandwidth feedback loop arrangementsOct 11, 96Aug 17, 99[H03K]
5,930,310 Interference reduction scheme and methodOct 25, 96Jul 27, 99[H03D]
5,930,714 CDMA inter-mobile switching center soft hand-offOct 24, 96Jul 27, 99[H04Q, H04B]
5,187,591 System for transmitting and receiving aural information and modulated dataJan 24, 91Feb 16, 93[H04N]
4,571,013 Connector for cable shieldsSep 30, 83Feb 18, 86[H01R]
4,533,864 Test instrument with flexibly connected headApr 21, 83Aug 06, 85[G01R]
4,514,774 Method and an apparatus for extracting tape from a tape cartridge of the internal belt-drive typeJun 30, 82Apr 30, 85[G11B]
4,511,936 Switch and optical sensor assembly for recorderMay 24, 82Apr 16, 85[G11B]
4,491,695 Mounting for a dial in a telephone set baseApr 20, 83Jan 01, 85[H04M]
D276429 Combined printed circuit board carrier and component trayDec 11, 81Nov 20, 84[]
4,443,758 Meter to printer coupling circuitApr 10, 81Apr 17, 84[G01R]
4,441,647 Resoldering tool for ceramic substrate hybrid electronic circuitsJun 04, 82Apr 10, 84[B23K]
4,425,524 Piezoelectric switch using piezoceramic bending elements, and in particular a relay utilizing such elementsAug 27, 82Jan 10, 84[H01H]
4,414,426 Aerial cable terminalOct 09, 81Nov 08, 83[H01R, H02G]
4,414,589 Embedded servo track following system and method for writing servo tracksDec 14, 81Nov 08, 83[G11B]
D271217 Combined copy stand and electronic interface deviceJun 15, 81Nov 01, 83[D190]
4,405,967 Gas tube overvoltage protector with back-up gapDec 04, 81Sep 20, 83[H02H]
4,398,166 Compensator for CRT deflection yokes and the likeJun 01, 81Aug 09, 83[H01F]

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