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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
7,490,421 Method and construction machine for producing ground surfacesJul 13, 00Feb 17, 09[E02F, A01B]
7,032,471 Control device for controlling machines by hand or footDec 13, 00Apr 25, 06[G05G]
6,959,497 Device for recording the angle of rotation between two componentsMay 01, 03Nov 01, 05[G01D]
6,701,823 Method and device for controlling a lift cylinder, especially of working machinesJul 30, 02Mar 09, 04[F15B]
6,685,277 Method for braking a revolvable superstructure of a working machine and a pivoted brake unitMar 29, 02Feb 03, 04[B60T]
6,401,856 Method and device for the power shiftable change-over of a hydrostatic vehicle drive of a mobile construction machineNov 29, 99Jun 11, 02[B60K]
6,309,171 Mobile loading machine with front-end loading equipmentJul 06, 00Oct 30, 01[E02F]
6,131,687 Process for actuating the steering cylinders of mobile plant and steering system thereforJan 07, 97Oct 17, 00[B62D]
5,513,491 Hydraulic vibration damping system for machines provided with toolsMar 02, 94May 07, 96[F16D]
5,409,343 Ship loader or unloaderNov 13, 92Apr 25, 95[B65G]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
6,290,048 Wheel hub with integral planetary gear mechanism and multidisk brakeAug 11, 00Sep 18, 01[B60K]
5,784,812 Method of controlling the positioning of an outfit tilting cylinder mounted on the descending lift frame of movable construction machinesJan 10, 97Jul 28, 98[E02F]
5,767,783 Signalling device visible throughout 360.degree. comprising a light source composed of several electroluminescent diodes and sea buoy provided with said deviceOct 10, 96Jun 16, 98[G08B]
5,568,841 Rear frame for center pivot steered construction machineryDec 05, 94Oct 29, 96[B62D]
5,533,284 Earth-moving machine with revolving tower and adjustable counterweightOct 20, 94Jul 09, 96[B66C]
5,333,399 Fastening of the buckets and possibly also the skim cutters on cutting wheelsAug 24, 92Aug 02, 94[E02F]
5,277,370 Vertical impact mill with coupled material classificationAug 24, 92Jan 11, 94[B07B, B02C]
5,264,654 Method and apparatus for processing contaminated soilsApr 29, 91Nov 23, 93[F23G, A62D, E02D]
5,244,383 Method and apparatus for reducing the circulation of salts particularly in cement kilnsMar 04, 91Sep 14, 93[F27B]
5,232,327 Ship loader or unloaderMar 06, 91Aug 03, 93[B65G]
5,215,262 Method and apparatus for comminuting bulk materialsJul 01, 91Jun 01, 93[B02C]
5,159,992 Infinitely variable hydrostatic transmission driveSep 06, 91Nov 03, 92[B60K]
5,113,570 Method and apparatus for shaping belt straps to enable them to be pulled through support roller stationsDec 11, 89May 19, 92[B23P]
5,100,212 Arrangement of a tensioning wheel of multi-part construction for a tracked vehicleJun 21, 90Mar 31, 92[B62D]
5,095,640 Method of producing bucket wheel bodies and bucket wheel body produced by the methodOct 29, 90Mar 17, 92[E02F]
5,082,187 Vibrating screen crusherJan 07, 91Jan 21, 92[B02C]
5,080,221 Roller beltDec 11, 89Jan 14, 92[B65G]
5,038,825 Multiport valveMar 08, 90Aug 13, 91[F15B]
5,016,945 Arrangement for connecting and moving the plates of a caterpillar track of earth-moving machinesJan 26, 90May 21, 91[B62D]
5,004,397 Attachment holder for interchangeable equipment on the superstructure of a mobile shovel excavatorJun 28, 89Apr 02, 91[E02F]

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