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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
6,265,140 Silver halide material for optical memory devices with luminescent reading and methods for the treatment thereofFeb 24, 98Jul 24, 01[G03C]
6,071,671 Fluorescent optical memoryOct 06, 97Jun 06, 00[G11B]
6,027,855 Photo-chemical generation of stable fluorescent derivatives of Rhodamine BDec 12, 97Feb 22, 00[G11B]
6,009,065 Optical pickup for 3-D data storage reading from the multilayer fluorescent optical diskDec 04, 97Dec 28, 99[G11B]
5,945,252 Photochemical generation of stable fluorescent amines from peri-phenoxiderivatives of polycyclic P-quinonesDec 11, 97Aug 31, 99[G03C, G11B]
5,936,878 Polymeric photo-chromic compositionDec 12, 97Aug 10, 99[G11C]
5,847,141 Photochromic material for electro-optic storage memoryDec 22, 95Dec 08, 98[C07D]

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