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Patent # Title Status Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5850421 Method and apparatus for estimating clock slew and carrier translationExpiredApr 23, 96Dec 15, 98[H04L, H04B]
5757804 Method and apparatus for eliminating offset calculationsExpiredJul 05, 96May 26, 98[H04J]
5709361 Fan support memberExpiredFeb 02, 96Jan 20, 98[A47F]
5317742 Dynamic translation of network management primitives to queries to a databaseExpiredJun 21, 91May 31, 94[G06F]
5295230 Knowledge representation for expert systemExpiredDec 04, 91Mar 15, 94[G06F]
5291583 Automatic storage of persistent ASN.1 objects in a relational schemaExpiredDec 14, 90Mar 01, 94[G06F]
5268928 Data modem with remote firmware updateExpiredOct 15, 91Dec 07, 93[H04L, H04B]
5267300 High speed digital data transmission over switched voice networkExpiredOct 07, 91Nov 30, 93[H04M, G06F, H04B]
5202985 Apparatus and method for displaying data communication network configuration after searching the networkExpiredDec 02, 91Apr 13, 93[G06F]
5165021 Transmit queue with loadshedingExpiredJan 18, 91Nov 17, 92[H04J, G06F]
5127036 Fifty percent duty cycle divided-by-m counterExpiredApr 01, 91Jun 30, 92[H03K]
5123009 Method and apparatus for disabling an echo cancellerExpiredOct 26, 90Jun 16, 92[H04J]
5063303 Soft start circuitExpiredFeb 08, 91Nov 05, 91[H03K]
5063523 Network management system with event rule handlingExpiredNov 16, 89Nov 05, 91[G06F]
5001747 Frequency offset estimator for data modemExpiredJan 22, 90Mar 19, 91[H04B]
4998243 ISDN terminal adapter with teleconference provisionExpiredOct 10, 89Mar 05, 91[H04M, H04J]
4998244 High speed module interconnection busExpiredJul 17, 89Mar 05, 91[H04J]
4993045 Modem diagnostic loopExpiredOct 31, 88Feb 12, 91[H04B]
4937844 Modem with data compression selected constellationExpiredNov 03, 88Jun 26, 90[H04B]
4935963 Method and apparatus for processing speech signalsExpiredJul 03, 89Jun 19, 90[G10L]

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