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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5,118,209 Print gap optimizerOct 24, 91Jun 02, 92[B41J]
H000996 High resolution page image display systemAug 16, 88Nov 05, 91[G09G]
H000681 Dot matrix print detectorJun 05, 87Sep 05, 89[G06K]
4,850,583 Document transport deviceFeb 04, 88Jul 25, 89[B65H]
D298630 Hand-held bar code scannerJul 07, 86Nov 22, 88[]
H000524 Image processing system for converting monochrome bank check images to multicolor bank check imagesNov 03, 86Sep 06, 88[H04N]
4,514,799 Bus system architecture and microprocessor systemFeb 24, 81Apr 30, 85[G06F, H05K]
4,472,479 Light barrier fluorescent ribbonJun 22, 83Sep 18, 84[B41M]
4,456,193 Web advancement sensing methods and apparatusSep 16, 81Jun 26, 84[B65H]
4,404,649 Document processing systemNov 03, 80Sep 13, 83[G06F]

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