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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
D441080 Apparatus for generation and delivery of radiationSep 04, 98Apr 24, 01[2401]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
2002/0143,322 Apparatus and method for shrinking collagenJan 23, 01Oct 03, 02[A61N, A61B]
2002/0099,363 Radiation treatment system and method of using sameJan 23, 01Jul 25, 02[A61B, A61F]
6,342,053 Apparatus for cornea reshapingFeb 08, 94Jan 29, 02[A61F]
6,159,205 Radiation treatment method for treating eyes to correct visionSep 01, 99Dec 12, 00[A61B]
6,149,643 Method and apparatus for exposing a human eye to a controlled pattern of radiationSep 04, 98Nov 21, 00[A61B]
5,779,696 Method and apparatus for performing corneal reshaping to correct ocular refractive errorsApr 26, 95Jul 14, 98[A61N]
5,591,157 Method and apparatus for tympanic membrane shrinkageSep 07, 94Jan 07, 97[A61H]
5,484,432 Collagen treatment apparatusApr 14, 94Jan 16, 96[A61N]
5,431,646 Optical fiber probe and laser sclerostomy procedureApr 22, 92Jul 11, 95[A61N]
5,374,265 Collagen treatment apparatus and methodAug 06, 92Dec 20, 94[A61N]
5,304,169 Method for collagen shrinkageAug 17, 92Apr 19, 94[A61B]
5,137,530 Collagen treatment apparatusJun 29, 90Aug 11, 92[A61B]
5,129,895 Laser sclerostomy procedureMay 16, 90Jul 14, 92[A61N]
4,976,709 Method for collagen treatmentJun 30, 89Dec 11, 90[A61B]

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