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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
5,276,731 Method and apparatus for handling incoming telephone callsApr 26, 91Jan 04, 94[H04M]
5,181,239 Call tagging user information in a telephonic environmentMar 27, 92Jan 19, 93[H04M]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5,178,600 Tuck folder box erection fixtureApr 20, 92Jan 12, 93[B31B]
5,144,287 Current level sensing circuit for use with gyrator circuitryDec 28, 90Sep 01, 92[G08B]
5,097,143 Bipolar to unipolar converter with automatic gain controlMar 05, 91Mar 17, 92[H03K]
5,070,439 DC to DC converter apparatus employing push-pull oscillatorsMar 12, 91Dec 03, 91[H02M]
D320392 Telephone setAug 13, 90Oct 01, 91[]
5,031,124 Method for selecting computer storage devices for computer applicationsMar 13, 90Jul 09, 91[G06F]
5,017,915 Method of enhancing communication setup between a communication station and a telecommunications networkSep 19, 88May 21, 91[H04Q]
4,956,806 Method and apparatus for editing source files of differing data formats using an edit tracking fileJul 12, 88Sep 11, 90[G06F]
4,938,351 Modular electrical component packaging systemJun 20, 89Jul 03, 90[B65D]
4,928,306 Dynamically configurable telephoneFeb 28, 89May 22, 90[H04M]
4,912,758 Full-duplex digital speakerphoneOct 26, 88Mar 27, 90[H04M]
4,907,261 Universal DC signalling detectorFeb 28, 89Mar 06, 90[H04M]
4,882,699 Communications network routing and management systemSep 19, 88Nov 21, 89[H04Q]
4,881,230 Expert system for processing errors in a multiplex communications systemOct 05, 87Nov 14, 89[G06F, H04B]
4,879,745 Half-duplex speakerphoneOct 12, 88Nov 07, 89[H04M]
4,873,687 Failing resource manager in a multiplex communication systemOct 05, 87Oct 10, 89[G06F, H04B]
4,817,092 Threshold alarms for processing errors in a multiplex communications systemOct 05, 87Mar 28, 89[H04B]
4,803,699 Bus apparatus with a plurality of transmittersOct 23, 86Feb 07, 89[H03K]
4,791,629 Communications switching systemJun 02, 86Dec 13, 88[H04J]
4,766,605 Telephone tie trunk driver circuitJun 13, 86Aug 23, 88[H04M]

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