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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
6,730,179 Method for producing local aluminide coatingAug 31, 01May 04, 04[C23C]
6,648,167 Ducting passages for a polymeric liningFeb 14, 01Nov 18, 03[B65D]
6,444,054 Slurry compositions for diffusion coatingsJun 21, 00Sep 03, 02[C23C]
6,368,394 Chromate-free phosphate bonding compositionOct 18, 99Apr 09, 02[C04B]
6,224,657 Hexavalent chromium-free phosphate-bonded coatingsOct 13, 98May 01, 01[C23F, C09D]
6,171,704 Coating for aerospace aluminum partsDec 29, 95Jan 09, 01[C04B]
6,159,547 Anti-fouling coating for turbomachineryJul 28, 99Dec 12, 00[B05D]
6,150,033 Environmentally friendly coating compositions, bonding solution, and coated partsSep 04, 98Nov 21, 00[B32B]
6,110,262 Slurry compositions for diffusion coatingsAug 31, 98Aug 29, 00[C23C]
6,074,464 Phosphate bonded aluminum coatingsFeb 03, 98Jun 13, 00[C23F, C23C]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
2003/0049,485 Corrosion control coatingsSep 06, 01Mar 13, 03[B32B]
6,520,401 Diffusion bonding of gapsSep 06, 01Feb 18, 03[B23K]
5,219,595 Apparatus for separating mold plates from a castingMar 23, 92Jun 15, 93[B29C]
5,127,574 Spray booth for applying coatings to a substrate and control device thereforeApr 30, 90Jul 07, 92[B05B]
5,116,672 Organic coatings with ion reactive pigments especially for active metalsFeb 05, 90May 26, 92[B32B]
5,066,540 Flake materials in coating compositionsSep 05, 89Nov 19, 91[B32B]
D318614 Bottle or similar articleAug 02, 89Jul 30, 91[]
4,975,330 Coating compositions containing unreacted hexavalent chromium, a method of applying and an articleMay 23, 89Dec 04, 90[C04B]
4,917,960 Porous coated productOct 14, 86Apr 17, 90[B22F]
4,889,558 Coating compositions containing undissolved hexavalent chromium saltSep 18, 85Dec 26, 89[C04B]
4,888,154 Combination structure for sampling the contents of a reactor vessel including pH monitoring meansMar 06, 87Dec 19, 89[G01N]
4,863,516 Coating compositionAug 16, 88Sep 05, 89[C04B]
4,864,094 Process of fabricating a cutting edge on a tool and a cutting tool made therebyJan 13, 88Sep 05, 89[B23K]
4,838,095 Sight glass constructionFeb 01, 88Jun 13, 89[G01N]
4,825,029 Spark erosion system for reducing the height of a honeycomb sealJun 02, 87Apr 25, 89[H02H, B23H]
4,822,243 Bladed rotor assemblies and control means thereforApr 14, 87Apr 18, 89[B64C]
4,822,248 Rebuilt shrouded turbine blade and method of rebuilding the sameApr 15, 87Apr 18, 89[F01D]
4,808,055 Turbine blade with restored tipApr 15, 87Feb 28, 89[B23P, F01D]
4,806,161 Coating compositionsDec 04, 87Feb 21, 89[C04B, C09D]
4,793,968 Surface modified powder metal parts and methods for making sameJun 27, 84Dec 27, 88[B22F]

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