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Patent # Title Status Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5126809 Semiconductor non-volatile memoryExpiredNov 29, 88Jun 30, 92[H01L]
5122847 Non-volatile semiconductor memory with CVD tunnel oxideExpiredSep 07, 88Jun 16, 92[H01L]
5086230 Apparatus for forming, correcting patternExpiredSep 14, 88Feb 04, 92[H01J]
5049657 Process for hydrolysis of peptide or proteinExpiredDec 24, 85Sep 17, 91[C07K]
5017494 Bio-thermo tip sensorExpiredApr 02, 86May 21, 91[C12M]
4999094 Method for manufacturing a color memberExpiredFeb 28, 85Mar 12, 91[C25D]
4989955 Liquid crystal electro-optical element and process for preparation thereofExpiredNov 04, 88Feb 05, 91[G02F]
4961823 Method of manufacturing calcium carbonate single crystalExpiredJan 20, 88Oct 09, 90[C30B]
4943943 Read-out circuit for semiconductor nonvolatile memoryExpiredJul 24, 84Jul 24, 90[G11C, H01L]
4939003 Liquid crystal elementExpiredJan 22, 88Jul 03, 90[C09K]
D304930 Portable data input terminalExpiredMar 19, 86Dec 05, 89[]
4865994 Detection method for amino acid derivativesExpiredApr 19, 88Sep 12, 89[G01N]
4863240 Apparatus for actuating objective lensExpiredOct 14, 86Sep 05, 89[G02B]
4853682 Data stored display deviceExpiredDec 11, 87Aug 01, 89[G09G]
4839300 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having trapezoidal shaped substrate sectionsExpiredDec 03, 86Jun 13, 89[H01L]
4839854 Data collection system having stationary unit with electromagnetic induction circuitry for bidirectionally relaying dataExpiredSep 12, 86Jun 13, 89[G06F]
4828370 Switching element with nonlinear resistive, nonstoichiometric materialExpiredOct 04, 85May 09, 89[G02F]
4821115 Color hard copy apparatus having simplified analog-to-digital conversion with adjustable threshold levelsExpiredSep 30, 86Apr 11, 89[H04N]
4821236 Semiconductor nonvolatile memoryExpiredFeb 09, 87Apr 11, 89[G11C]
4816894 Semiconductor variable capacitance elementExpiredJan 29, 87Mar 28, 89[H01L, H03K]

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