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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
RE35322 Method and apparatus for composite pole repairJul 02, 93Sep 03, 96[E04C, E02D]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5,908,044 Quadra-seal method and apparatus for operations upon fluid pressure containment bodiesNov 26, 97Jun 01, 99[F16K]
5,175,973 Compression repair method and apparatusApr 23, 91Jan 05, 93[E04B]
5,118,139 Leak repair clampJun 28, 89Jun 02, 92[F16L]
4,872,840 Dental implant and methodJul 15, 87Oct 10, 89[A61C]
4,752,225 Endodontic post and method of treatmentOct 03, 86Jun 21, 88[A61C]
4,709,729 Pipe weld repair device and method for the installation thereofJan 21, 86Dec 01, 87[F16L]
4,617,694 Finger-mounted device for cleaning teethSep 21, 84Oct 21, 86[A46B]
4,607,469 Seal for water proofing a utility line conduit and a method of forming the sealApr 16, 84Aug 26, 86[B02D, B04F, B32B]
4,576,401 Leak repair clampSep 17, 84Mar 18, 86[F16L]
4,568,091 Leak repair clamp with flexible lip sealsMar 25, 85Feb 04, 86[F16L, F16J]
4,529,167 Valve apparatusJun 06, 83Jul 16, 85[F16K]
4,520,051 Method of waterproofing a porous wallJan 03, 84May 28, 85[B05D]
4,230,348 Apparatus for sealing flange jointsJul 21, 78Oct 28, 80[F16L]
4,209,029 Method of and apparatus for sealing a leak in a pipelineDec 09, 77Jun 24, 80[F16L]
4,202,377 Pipe cleaning and plugging apparatusNov 03, 78May 13, 80[F16L]

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