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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
5,158,816 Packing material and packing containers manufactured from the materialJul 31, 89Oct 27, 92[B32B, B65D]
5,025,991 Valve arrangement for a liquid dispensing deviceSep 12, 89Jun 25, 91[B05B]
4,994,011 Apparatus for folding into an open state sleeves which are lying flatFeb 09, 89Feb 19, 91[B31B]
4,969,308 Method of attaching a drinking straw to a pack and apparatus for carrying out the methodJun 29, 89Nov 13, 90[B65B]
4,952,130 Apparatus for injection-moulding a plastics portion on a paper tube using a support portionMar 15, 89Aug 28, 90[B28B]
4,903,740 Method and apparatus for minimizing foam in filling cartonsJun 10, 88Feb 27, 90[B65B]
4,895,298 Quadrangular shaped container for fluidsAug 16, 88Jan 23, 90[B65D]
4,887,765 Fluid pack and process for the production thereofOct 26, 88Dec 19, 89[B65D]
4,844,327 Pack for fluid mediaNov 04, 88Jul 04, 89[B65D]
4,840,205 Method and apparatus for dispensing liquidsJul 08, 88Jun 20, 89[B65B]
4,828,138 Container with an opening deviceJun 15, 88May 09, 89[B65D]
4,804,134 Fluid container with handleAug 20, 87Feb 14, 89[B65O]
4,796,802 Fluid pack with a tapered upper portionJun 25, 87Jan 10, 89[B65D]
4,781,012 Closure device for an injection moulding apparatusOct 15, 87Nov 01, 88[B29C, B65B]
4,725,213 Closure device for an injection moulding apparatusFeb 25, 87Feb 16, 88[B29C]
4,721,242 Pack for liquids having edge protection, process for the production thereof and apparatus for carrying out the processMay 23, 86Jan 26, 88[B65D]
4,718,598 Liquids package with handleApr 10, 87Jan 12, 88[B65D]
4,713,048 Process for the production of a liquid package and apparatus for implementation of the processSep 03, 86Dec 15, 87[B31B]

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