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Recent Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
7,298,609 ComputerApr 13, 04Nov 20, 07[H05K]
7,277,277 Computer with a detachable main casing cover and a method of assembling sameJun 02, 05Oct 02, 07[G06F]
7,155,671 Computer technique for providing a character mistyping conversion functionJul 13, 99Dec 26, 06[G06F]
7,116,376 TV card and computer system having the sameJul 02, 02Oct 03, 06[H04N]
7,110,250 Hard disk support apparatus and computer having the sameJul 06, 04Sep 19, 06[H05K]
6,972,721 Notebook-computerDec 05, 03Dec 06, 05[H01Q]
6,888,591 LCD assembly used with a personal digital assistantApr 15, 03May 03, 05[G02F]
6,785,128 Portable computer having cover support meansJun 12, 00Aug 31, 04[G06F]
6,778,408 Computer having an improved casing structureJun 11, 02Aug 17, 04[H05K]
6,760,410 Computer having automatic answering state displaying and processing functions and method of processing automatic answeringSep 07, 99Jul 06, 04[H04M, G06F]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
7,054,976 Computer system having improved interfaceSep 05, 01May 30, 06[G06F]
6,814,593 Portable computer having a common connector coupled to a wireless antenna and a modem connectorJun 12, 02Nov 09, 04[H01R]
6,407,342 Printed circuit board capable of preventing electrical short during soldering processMar 10, 00Jun 18, 02[H05K]
6,330,694 Fault tolerant system and method utilizing the peripheral components interconnection bus monitoring cardJan 21, 99Dec 11, 01[G06F]
6,321,340 Cable manager system and computer therewithOct 16, 98Nov 20, 01[G06F]
6,285,159 Portable computer usable with a specific battery pack or ordinary batteryJul 12, 99Sep 04, 01[H02J]
6,256,129 Portable computer and method of automatically controlling direction of infrared signal transmission and receptionMar 30, 98Jul 03, 01[H04B]
6,246,570 Portable computer having a microphoneJun 10, 99Jun 12, 01[H05K]
6,189,051 System and method for manufacturing hard disk master by downloading selected programs and drivers from a host through a networkMay 19, 98Feb 13, 01[G06F]
6,189,107 Fault tolerant voltage regulator module circuit for supplying core voltage and cache voltage to a processorDec 24, 98Feb 13, 01[G06F, H02J]
6,172,703 Video conference system and control method thereofMar 04, 98Jan 09, 01[H04N]
6,169,582 Image signal processing system which uses portable computer monitor as a displaySep 19, 97Jan 02, 01[H04N]
6,160,702 Multiple sub-battery system for a portable computerDec 24, 98Dec 12, 00[G06F]
6,154,300 Wireless data communication apparatus using the diffused infrared-ray antennaNov 12, 97Nov 28, 00[H04B]
6,149,469 Connector assemblySep 27, 99Nov 21, 00[H01R]
6,146,210 Connector assembly that prevents polarization problems and uses a single aperture to perform both latching functions and guide functionsApr 30, 99Nov 14, 00[H01R]
6,128,719 Indirect rotator graph networkSep 21, 98Oct 03, 00[G06F]
6,115,161 Computer with wide angle infrared communication equipmentAug 20, 97Sep 05, 00[G08B]
6,104,445 Monitor housing with integral rack for storing recording mediaOct 23, 98Aug 15, 00[H40N]
6,097,592 Supporting legs for a portable computerOct 16, 97Aug 01, 00[H05K]

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