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Recent Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
6,148,235 Implantable stimulator with battery status measurementJul 17, 98Nov 14, 00[A61N]
6,129,744 Cardiac treatment system and method for sensing and responding to heart failureDec 04, 97Oct 10, 00[A61N]
6,128,532 Pacemaker with automatically controlled ventricular safety pulseSep 15, 98Oct 03, 00[A61N]
6,104,949 Medical deviceSep 09, 98Aug 15, 00[A61B]
6,088,618 Pacemaker system and method for providing manual display concurrent with pacemaker software modificationJul 07, 98Jul 11, 00[A61N]
6,067,472 Pacemaker system and method with improved evoked response and repolarization signal detectionJan 22, 98May 23, 00[A61N]
6,052,621 System and method for inducing tachycardiaJan 27, 98Apr 18, 00[A61N]
6,029,087 Cardiac pacing system with improved physiological event classification based on DSPSep 22, 98Feb 22, 00[A61N]
5,999,853 Dual chamber pacemaker with single pass lead and with bipolar and unipolar signal processing capabilityMar 02, 98Dec 07, 99[A61N]
5,991,659 Pacing system with full range sudden rate drop detection and responsive pacing interventionSep 30, 98Nov 23, 99[A61N]

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Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Status Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
6,223,081 Implantable stimulus system having stimulus generator with pressure sensor and common lead for transmitting stimulus pulses to a body location and pressure signals from the body location to the stimulus generatorExpiredMar 28, 96Apr 24, 01[A61N]
6,161,041 Pacemaker system with diurnal pattern controlled overdrive for prevention of tachycardiaExpiredOct 26, 98Dec 12, 00[A61N]
5,876,422 Pacemaker system with peltier cooling of A-V node for treating atrial fibrillationExpiredJul 07, 98Mar 02, 99[A61N]
5,861,011 Pacemaker with automatic lower rate limit dropExpiredFeb 14, 97Jan 19, 99[A61N]
5,674,254 Cardiac pacemaker system and method for determining a measure of pacing threshold without incurring loss of captureExpiredMay 22, 95Oct 07, 97[A61N]
5,251,044 Facsimile apparatus for accounting for supplies used in receiving facsimile transmissionsExpiredAug 27, 91Oct 05, 93[H04N]
5,197,480 System and method for monitoring heart transplant rejectionExpiredJun 08, 90Mar 30, 93[A61B]
5,176,136 Pacemaker with improved connector blockExpiredAug 07, 91Jan 05, 93[A61N]
5,144,950 Rate controlled pacemaker system using AR interval for rate controlExpiredAug 30, 90Sep 08, 92[A61N]
5,065,759 Pacemaker with optimized rate responsiveness and method of rate controlExpiredAug 30, 90Nov 19, 91[A61N]
4,972,834 Pacemaker with improved dynamic rate responsivenessExpiredSep 30, 88Nov 27, 90[A61N]
4,945,922 Pacing leadExpiredMar 13, 89Aug 07, 90[A61N]
4,917,115 Pacing system and method for physiological stimulation of the heart utilizing Doppler meansExpiredJul 11, 88Apr 17, 90[A61N]
4,665,919 Pacemaker with switchable circuits and method of operation of sameExpiredSep 19, 85May 19, 87[A61N]
4,644,954 Rate adaptive pacemaker apparatus and methodExpiredJun 18, 85Feb 24, 87[A61N]
4,627,022 Pacemaker utilizing microprocessor DMA for generating output pulse sequencesExpiredSep 13, 82Dec 02, 86[A61N, G06F]
4,601,291 Biomedical system with improved marker channel means and methodExpiredApr 05, 84Jul 22, 86[A61N]
4,593,695 Pacemaker with improved tachycardia treatment means and methodExpiredApr 23, 84Jun 10, 86[A61N]
4,554,921 Dual chamber pacemaker with automatic high rate limit mode determinationExpiredDec 27, 83Nov 26, 85[A61N]
4,549,548 Pacemaker system with automatic event-programmed switching between unipolar and bipolar operationExpiredSep 14, 83Oct 29, 85[A61N]

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