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Patent # Title Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
4,829,878 Apparatus for carrying and releasing storesMay 04, 88May 16, 89[B64D, F41F]
4,682,530 Airborne stores arming trigger unit and method of preventing undesired armingMay 30, 86Jul 28, 87[F14F, F41F]
4,611,944 Lockbody mechanismFeb 09, 84Sep 16, 86[F16B, F16D]
4,608,907 Rotary launcher and hydraulic ejector systemApr 28, 83Sep 02, 86[B64D, F41F]
4,586,684 Aircraft loading apparatusSep 01, 83May 06, 86[B64D]
4,552,327 Hydraulic ejectorSep 19, 83Nov 12, 85[B64D]
4,541,011 System for recording the locations of workpiece defectsMar 15, 82Sep 10, 85[H04N]
4,528,890 Airborne stores arming trigger unitSep 01, 83Jul 16, 85[F41F]
4,341,496 Seat pallet lockNov 23, 79Jul 27, 82[B60P, B63B]
4,266,462 Airborne stores arming trigger unitJan 22, 79May 12, 81[F41F]

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