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Recent Publications

Publication # Title Filing Date Pub Date Intl Class
2003/0009,466 Search engine with pipeline structureJun 21, 01Jan 09, 03[G06F]

Recent Patents

Patent # Title Filing Date Issue Date Intl Class
7027455 Serial data transmittersFeb 05, 02Apr 11, 06[H04L]

Expired/Abandoned/Withdrawn Patents

Patent # Title Status Filing Date Issue/Pub Date Intl Class
7277452 Signalling TDM channel changesExpiredAug 09, 02Oct 02, 07[H04J]
7142551 Hardware implementation of Voice-over-IP playback with support for comfort noise insertionExpiredJul 15, 02Nov 28, 06[H04L]
7085265 Mapping between TDM channels and packetsExpiredMay 21, 02Aug 01, 06[H04J]
7085704 Time-indexed multiplexing as an efficient method of scheduling in hardwareExpiredMay 07, 02Aug 01, 06[G06F]
2004/0213,155 Multi-processor data traffic shaping and forwardingAbandonedMar 29, 01Oct 28, 04[H04L]
6799232 Automatic byte swap and alignment for descriptor-based direct memory access data transfersExpiredDec 04, 02Sep 28, 04[G06F]
2004/0170,163 Data structure providing storage and bandwidth savings for hardware RTCP statistics collection applicationsAbandonedFeb 28, 03Sep 02, 04[H04L]
2004/0066,779 Method and implementation for context switchoverAbandonedOct 04, 02Apr 08, 04[H04L, G06F]
2004/0004,971 Method and implementation for multilevel queuingAbandonedJul 03, 02Jan 08, 04[H04L]
2004/0001,494 Architecture for obtaining playback time from a packet sequence number in AAL2 SSCS voiceAbandonedJul 01, 02Jan 01, 04[H04L]
2003/0219,007 Reusable multi-protocol meta-architecture for Voice-over-IP playbackAbandonedMay 23, 02Nov 27, 03[H04L]
2003/0206,518 Public access separation in a virtual networking environmentAbandonedMay 25, 01Nov 06, 03[H04J]
2003/0179,780 Method of detecting drift between two clocksAbandonedMar 20, 02Sep 25, 03[H04J]
2003/0126,188 Generic header parser providing support for data transport protocol independent packet voice solutionsAbandonedDec 27, 01Jul 03, 03[G06F]
2003/0081,597 Dynamic buffering in packet systemsAbandonedSep 18, 02May 01, 03[H04L]
2003/0081,629 Automatic masking of interruptsAbandonedOct 01, 02May 01, 03[H04J]
2003/0076,784 Methods of performance estimation in provisioning delay intolerant data servicesAbandonedOct 24, 01Apr 24, 03[H04L]
2003/0043,830 Processing requests for service using FIFO queuesAbandonedJul 31, 02Mar 06, 03[H04L]
2003/0016,758 Universal interface to external transceiverAbandonedJul 05, 01Jan 23, 03[H04L]
2002/0191,606 Network system-wide error handling utilizing control bit modificationAbandonedMay 09, 02Dec 19, 02[H04L]

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