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Method for transmitting an encryoption number in a communication system and a communication system




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The invention relates to a method for transmitting an encryption number in a communication system (1) comprising mobile terminals (MT1-MT4) and at least a first access point (AP1) and a second access point (AP2). The method comprises the steps of defining a set of encryption keys, selecting at each said access point (AP1, AP2) from said set of encryption keys one to be used at a time for encrypting information to be transmitted between said access point (AP1, AP2) and mobile terminal (MT1-MT4), transmitting from the access point (AP1, AP2), at intervals, data about the encryption key selected at the time, setting up a data transmission connection between a mobile terminal (MT1-MT4) and the first access point (AP1) for the transmission of information, and performing a handover, whereby a data transmission connection is set up between the second access point (AP2) and the mobile terminal (MT1-MT4). In the method, a handover is performed, wherein a data transmission connection is set up between the second access point (AP2) and the mobile terminal (MT1-MT4). In the method, in connection with the handover, information is also transmitted to the mobile terminal (MT1-MT4) about the encryption key selected at the second access point (AP2).

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