Wireless drive-by meter status system

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A wireless drive-by meter status system for use by parking enforcement officers who are patrolling a zone or area in a motorized vehicle is described. The system comprises a vehicle in which is placed a mobile unit including a transceiver, an antenna as well as a status display means, and one or more remote units including transceivers each paired with one or more electronic meters. The remote units may be mounted inside the meter housings, which in turn are mounted on posts. In operation the vehicle antenna transmits a wake-up or trigger signal using a focused beam of modulated IR, ultrasonic or RF energy, which can be detected by any remote units found in the beam path. This beam is detected by low power circuits located in the remote unit and causes the remote unit processing means to wake up, determine the meter status and activate an RF transceiver which transmits back to the mobile unit a short data burst that includes the unique ID and status of the meter which includes 'EXPIRED' or 'NOT-EXPIRED' state. The mobile transceiver unit captures and logs all responses from remote units that responded to the trigger signal, and if an 'EXPIRED' state exists, it notifies the driver either by simple light or audible signal that a responding meter is expired. The driver, once notified simply has to note if a vehicle is present in the space associated with the notifying meter.

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