Electronic payment parking lot system and method

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There is provided an integrated system and method for payment and enforcement of parking services. The invention utilizes a digital carrier, such as the electromagnetic energy spectrum or wired network to effect the payment transaction and enforcement. The invention typically includes interfaces for an electronic meter, web server, and motorist device. The motorist utilizes the device, e.g., cellular phone or handheld device, to access an individual account on the web server, providing information pertinent to the transaction. Upon receipt of the information, the web server verifies account information and the account balance, authorizes the transaction, and debits the motorist's account accordingly. The web server communicates with the electronic meter, which displays the paid time units or an expiration flag. The web server communicates with handheld devices of paid parking enforcement officials to provide instantaneous notification of expiration of time units and other information pertinent to paid parking services.

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