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Retractable belt lotion applicator




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The invention is a retractable belt lotion applicator called the SUNBELT. One implementation is a lotion-containing two handled device that interlocks together to form a sealed unit. The device incorporates a broad retractable belting to dispense lotions to hard to reach parts of the body, including the back. The SUNBELT concept is unique in that it can provide measured amounts of lotions of various types, to the users back and shoulders with a portable, hand held, retractable device employing broad belting. The device can have a self-contained body reservoir for the lotion that is refillable, disposable, washable and with few working parts, is very easy to maintain. The device also incorporates an additional pass-through reservoir, is self dispensing with minimal waste. The most efficient manipulation of the device, requires an ergonomic motion that is simple and yet, not a commonly thought of process. This motion, called the SUNBELT motion, is discussed in more detail later on. The SUNBELT is self contained, portable, spring loaded to retract, applies a measured amount of product and is convenient to use. It can be made of injection molded plastic or any other appropriate materials, and come in various colors and some will be translucent neon colors. It is washable, convenient and easy to store. The broad belting is removable and washable. It can have a belt for your waist and a leg strap for bicycle enthusiasts or hikers, boater's etc. for easy accessibility.

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