Magnetic therapy devices and methods

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The devices described in this invention relate generally to the use of magnets in the treatment of human diseases with an emphasis on the scientific basis of their modality of action. The study of magnetic therapy to treat human diseases is an age old and on going discussion. So, many theories, both ancient and modern, were publicized in the past centuries, but none to the satisfaction of the scrutiny of the modern day medicine. The theories of the magnetic therapy so far popularized in the past decades were mostly based on Neuronal theories and also based on the different and unique properties of the North and the south poles. However the theory postulated and applied in this present invention is a hematological and vascular phenomena based on the fact that Iron in the Hemoglobin molecule, contained within the red blood corpuscles, is attracted to the magnetic field. This results in the increased blood supply to the area under the effect of the magnetic field with the associated benefits of improved blood flow to the Penile circulation (in the case of erectile dysfunction) and improved Oxygenation in peripheral vascular insufficiency, as in the Pedal and cerebral circulations. The modality of the electromagnetic therapy, and not the static magnetic therapy is employed in these devices. The principle of the Solenoids is being utilized in all the three embodiments being described, with Iron chosen as the material used for magnetization. The magnetization of the devices is synchronized with the patient's pulse (in 1:1 or 1:2 ratio), so that the freshly Oxygenated RBC gets to the magnetized area with each heart beat. Iron is known for its greater retention and so is easily magnetized, and it has low coercibility (resistance to demagnetization), and thus loses its magnetization easily, that makes it uniquely suitable as the metal chosen for the Solenoid in the embodiments described--the magnetic boot, the magnetic head piece and the magnetic sheath.

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