Method and apparatus for a computer-implemented system for the maintainence of a business relationship between a seller and a buyer

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Disclosed is a computer-implemented method for maintaining a business relationship between a seller (i.e., a first entity) and a buyer (i.e. a second entity). The method includes the steps of: a) providing a central database of information that contains disparate buyer data on a first entity network; b) establishing a buyer access level function on a first entity network, wherein the buyer level function allows the first entity to provide a buyer with access to a set of buyer data and a set of buyer functions for structuring the set of buyer data; c) establishing a gatekeeper level function that provides access at a gatekeeper buyer contact point on a buyer network to the set of buyer data from the database and the set of buyer functions; and d) establishing a buyer subordinate level user function at a buyer subordinate level user contact point that provides a buyer subordinate level user with access to selected buyer data from the set of buyer data and selected functions from the selected buyer functions at the buyer subordinate level user contact point. Also disclosed is an apparatus that is capable of performing this method.

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