QoS scheduler and method for implementing quality of service anticipating the end of a chain of flows

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A QoS scheduler, scheduling method, and computer program product are provided for implementing Quality-of-Service (QoS) scheduling with detecting and anticipating the end of a chain of flows. A first indicator is provided for indicating a number of flows being chained to a physical entry. A second indicator is provided for indicating when the first indicator has saturated. The second indicator is set active for a flow whose chaining causes the first indicator to saturate. During de-chaining of the flows from the physical entry, the second indicator is used to determine when the first indicator becomes accurate to begin decrementing the first indicator. The first indicator is decremented for detecting the end of the chain of flows. Responsive to the first indicator being not saturated, the first indicator is used for anticipating the end of a chain of flows. The first indicator and the second indicator include a predefined number of bits or n-bits. The first indicator includes n-1 bits stored in a physical entry and the second indicator includes 1-bit stored in a chained link list.

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