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This invention relates to a parking meter (100, 200) with an input device (34) for paying means and at least one indicating device (20) for indicating the expiration of a paid parking time, the indicating device (20) having at least one optical indicating means respectively for a corresponding number of parking spaces, respectively one actuating means (18) with an indicating means (20) being allocated to each respective parking space, whereby furthermore all indicating means (20), the actuating means (18) and the input device (34) for payment means are connected with a common control device (32), whereby furthermore a signalling device (38) is provided for signalling the paid parking time and the input device (34) for payment means is configured as a chip card actuating device (30, 34). Here, the indicating means (20) allocated to each actuating means (18) is constituted in such a way that this indicating means indicates at least three different conditions which can be read by a checking person, whereby a first condition signalizes to the checking person 'paid parking time running', a second condition 'paid parking time expired' and a third condition 'paid parking time expired for longer than a predetermined time'. For such a parking meter (100, 200), a battery saving operation is made possible by the fact that the signalling device (38) comprises an acoustic signal transmitter and/or a display.

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