Electric energy production and sun protection device for motor vehicles

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Device for generating power and providing shade in motor vehicles. A solar cell (1) having a reflective back surface layer is attached to a suitable body part (2) of a motor vehicle. An insulating and inner lining layer (3) is provided beneath the body part, which may be, for example, the body sheet of the roof of a vehicle. The solar cell mainly includes a supporting layer (11), a reflective layer (12) on the back of an active photovoltaic layer (13) and a protective layer (14) that covers the latter in an upward direction, i.e., toward the outside, in the direction of the incident radiation. The incident radiation, sunlight or daylight, is represented by the row of arrows (4), and the radiation reflected at the boundary between the photovoltaic layer and the reflective layer is represented by the two arrows (5). The total reflected radiation is represented by the five arrows (6) and includes the component reflected at the boundary between the photovoltaic layer and the reflective layer and leaving the photovoltaic layer, and the components reflected at the surface of the protective layer itself and also at the boundary layer between the protective layer 14 and the photovoltaic layer 13. Thin-film solar cells or transparent solar cells may be provided as further implementations.

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