Heterogeneous network switch

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A heterogeneous-network switch comprises a number of different-type media access controllers (MAC's) each respectively for connection to otherwise incompatible computer networks. An incoming data bus is connected to collect datapackets from each of the different-type MAC's. An outgoing data bus is connected to distribute datapackets to each of the different-type MAC's. And, a traffic shaping cell (TSCELL) having an input connected to the incoming data bus and an output connected to the outgoing data bus, provides for traffic control of said datapackets according to a bandwidth capacity limit of a corresponding one of said otherwise incompatible computer networks to receive them. The switch is based on a class-based queue traffic shaper that enforces multiple service-level agreement policies on individual connection sessions by limiting the maximum data throughput for each connection. The class-based queue traffic shaper distinguishes amongst datapackets according to their respective source and/or destination IP-addresses. Each of the service-level agreement policies maintains a statistic that tracks how many datapackets are being buffered at any one instant. A test is made of each policy's statistic for each newly arriving datapacket. If the policy associated with the datapacket's destination indicates the agreed bandwidth limit has been reached, the datapacket is buffered and forwarded later when the bandwidth would not be exceeded.

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